Thursday, 9 April 2020

The 2020 Vision of the End Times

Wayne Sturgeon who was a friend of the Albion Awakening blog and organised a conference based on that theme last October sent me a text today about a book called The 2020 Vision of the End Times by someone called Trevor Maddison. Looking at the preview on Amazon it seems that the main claim of the book which was published in 2019 is that in the middle months of 2020 there will be a watershed moment that will bring a sea change in the affairs of the world. I'm normally fairly resistant to modern day prophets and predictions since I've seen so many come and go to not much effect, but a couple of things about this did grab my attention. One is that he is correct. There is a dramatic sea change happening right now. The other is that he claims to have been given a teaching that when the world population reaches the figure of 7,777,777,777 then there will be a transition to a day of wrath so something very significant will take place.

As I say, I don't normally set much store by this kind of thing. I believe most visionaries of this kind are sincere but they tap into something on psychic levels which they interpret in the context of their own mental attitudes, and often what they tap into is not divine at all but the product of human dreams and imaginings. The occult world is rife with this kind of thing. At one time there were supposed to be earthquakes and natural disasters before the end of the millennium. Nothing happened. However, I do still believe that if most of these things are wrong with regard to specifics they are picking up something real. The world is approaching a crisis point in line with Biblical end time prophesy. 

The link to the book on Amazon is here.

One final point and the reason I draw attention to this. According to the worldometer site the current world population as of 7.10pm British time on April 9th is 7,776,652,600.  The relevant figure should be reached over Easter.


Bruce Charlton said...

@William - As you know, I do not believe that God works on the basis of base ten numerology! But it may be that Satan and his followers do - so numerology likely has some validity as tapping into the kind of symbolism of a certain kind of (Ahrimanic) evil. Nobody could know when that all sevens number is reached (since world population is not knowable at that degree of precision, and only in retrospect) - but I can imagine that some evil person somewhere might regard the estimate as symbolically propitious for an evil scheme (although all the sixes of population might have been more expected to be the date, with that 666 business).

Bruce Charlton said...

"the middle months of 2020 there will be a watershed moment that will bring a sea change in the affairs of the world."

My reading of things is that this has already happened (at the beginning of this year, rather than the middle) - and anything that happens from now will merely be the unfolding of what has already been set into motion. The changed future is implicit in what has happened.

To be fair, I think that some watershed thing probably was *planned* for the middle of this year, but was brought forward when the birdemic presented an opportunity too good to resist. So far, that decision to make the coup a few months earlier has been massively vindicated; not least because so few people realised what had happened. The disguise was excellent.

William Wildblood said...

Nor do I believe that, Bruce. God is neither crude nor mechanical! I just thought this worth mentioning as Wayne brought it to my attention and the number quoted will be reached, insofar as one can judge these things and obviously no one can know the exact figure, over this Easter weekend. But, generally speaking, as I said in the post, I take all these predictions with a very large grain of salt. They are never realised. On the other hand, I do think they are, stumbling and blindfold but moving in a roughly right direction, pointing to some forthcoming event or change.

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of people do 'tap' into things, from pre-sentience of only personal or local relevance, to larger and more important things, and that it is fairly common.
It happens to writers and similar a lot, perhaps the Dean Koontz book is an example of it.
But while it is understandable that people who experience these kind of things might go on to inflate incidences of foreknowledge into a larger prophetic faculty, I think a lot of what comes through to them is just 'psychic junk', or sometimes just involuntary or unconscious fabrication. And most of it can be disregarded, or maybe just taken note of but not given undue or premature attention.
'Premature', because sometimes these things do have something in them, though.

Anonymous said...

But the figure looks like it will be reached this Good Friday, in about one hour.