Monday 4 November 2019

The Left and the Good

If you were to tell an ordinary person that leftism is evil (not that I go around saying this), most would look at you as though you were mad. The standard modern view of both self-identified left and so-called right is that liberal values, which are those of the left, are enlightened values. Even most spiritual but not religious people would think like this. But they're wrong and here's why.

What leftism does is transfer the idea of the good from the spiritual realm to the material plane. That is what actually defines it. This means that the good, insofar as it concerns humanity, now relates almost completely to the body and the emotions, with what pleases me and gives me happiness being seen as good as long as it doesn't interfere with someone else's body or emotions. Correspondingly, evil is what causes suffering on a bodily or emotional level. This makes God, if he exists, either evil himself or uncaring. This spiritual sleight of hand is only accomplished by totally ignoring the higher world or, if it is accepted, it is seen only in the light of this one. The consequence of that is that the transcendental values of the Good, the Beautiful and the True are denied, with the vision of the absolute dismissed so that everything becomes relative and this worldly. In this way leftism denies the real good and replaces it with a false one. What denies good is evil.

The modern world has no understanding of good and evil. But since good and evil exist it must necessarily project the fact of these realities onto something else. So, it thinks it knows good and evil but it assigns their being in the wrong place and not infrequently actually inverts them. This all comes down to a false understanding of what man is. If man is identified as a material being then good is what benefits him in that aspect. However, if he is identified as a spiritual being, a soul, then the situation is very different. Good is what advances him as a spiritual being with evil what hinders or prevents that advance. Treating him as a material being and taking steps to encourage and support that identification would certainly hinder the spiritual side of things. This makes it evil.

To know real good, you must acknowledge God. If you have no understanding of an absolute good, something real in which good is focused, then any concept of good is purely relative which means it is an arbitrary thing with no substance. We no longer know good because we don't acknowledge God, and, not knowing good, we don't know evil which means we are easily vulnerable to it.

Over many decades the left has been used to deny reality. As Bruce Charlton pointed out in a post today (see here), it has consistently set about labelling most of humanity's natural intuitions about life as bad because in some way they exclude though everything excludes on some level. If it didn't there would be nothing. Exclusion is the very nature of form. This, it must be stressed, is not just an honest mistake. It is a quite deliberate attempt to mislead and corrupt. If not on the part of the ordinary man or woman then very definitely on a supernatural level which is the level from where the whole thing is organised. And even the ordinary person is not blameless for if their heart was in the right place and their mind correctly ordered they would not go along with the distortion of truth.

Leftism is the attempt by forces antithetical to God to turn human beings away from spiritual truth towards atheism and materialism. It has been extraordinarily successful. There is no longer any point in being polite about this or looking for excuses. The situation has gone too far and seeks to go further with every year that goes by. The left is demonic and if you don't see that you need to start waking up.


Francis Berger said...

Good post. Most of what comprises the so-called right is right in name only, and it is good that you have drawn attention to that here. Self-proclaimed "rightists" who deny the reality of the divine are on the same level as their leftist counterparts, so much so that I have personally started referring to the so-called right as the "reft."

William Wildblood said...

Thanks Francis. One of the classic tricks of the devil is to play for both sides so if you see the flaws in one you rush into the arms of the other. Nothing is wholly bad in all its elements but if the predominating influence is bad then the whole thing is corrupted. That's the case with practically everything that calls itself left or right nowadays though I would say the left is innately bad in that it is focused in this world while the right has become so by allowing itself to be taken away from its true focus in God.

Chent said...

"The right" is not the right. It is the left of 20 years ago. In historical terms, radical insane leftists. A true right does not exist in our times, but, since "the left" is even more insane and demonic, "the right" seems conservative because of contrast.

William Wildblood said...

Yes, as Francis says above the secular right are just the left in a different form, just a bit less left and lagging behind by a few years.

Morgan said...

Dear William, Thank you for your blog; I enjoy reading your articles. There is something that I do not fully understand: we rarely hear any political parties (right or left) talk about God, real spiritual values and inner purification. Correct me if I am wrong, but you seem to favour the political 'right' over the 'left'. But why is this? It's not like we hear the Conservatives or the Brexit Party talking about surrendering to God's Will, developing humility and kindness, transforming our inner darkness, etc. Thanks for your time. Kind regards, Morgan.

Bruce Charlton said...

@William - I once heard somebody say that the worst thing was when you had just finished giving a lecture, and sat down to answer questions. Somebody stands up in the audience and thanks you for a fascinating and helpful talk, and adds 'but there is just one thing I wanted to ask'; and then he asks the exact question that the entire talk was all-about answering. The only rational answer from the lecturer would be something like; "Your answer is: The lecture I have just given, and which you have (apparently) sat-through".

Morgan said...

Dear Bruce, maybe I did not word my question clear enough: I understand what William is saying about the Left, but my question is about why would the Right represent real spirituality? Isn't it just as corrupted and ego-centred as the Left? At least the expression of it in our modern politics. Are you saying that there is theoretically or historically a 'pure' version of the Right which is based on real spiritual values? Morgan.

William Wildblood said...

I'm sorry Morgan. I haven't ignored your question.I've only just seen it. The point I would make is that all the insanity that has developed since the West denied the reality of God has come from the left and the right has just followed in its wake a little further on down the line. There's nothing particularly spiritual about the right as a political ideology but it is not actively anti-spiritual as the left is. Don't forget that the left in its modern sense arose from the French Revolution which was specifically atheistic.

Conservatism with a small c is based on experience of the world tried and tested over time. It's not an ideology as leftism is. And it's not intrinsically adversarial as leftism is. It stands on practical common sense and , when, it's true to its origin, a proper acknowledgement of God. There's more one could say but that's the nub of it In my opinion.

As for the Conservatives or the Brexit Party, there's nothing right in any real sense about them. If you're looking for someone to support in modern politics who represents true values you will look in vain.

Morgan said...

No problem, William.

Could it be that there is an evolution in our individual and collective consciousness through various stages of development? Moving from faith-based outer religion, through an atheistic and intellectual stage, and eventually coming to real and direct inner religion/spirituality? Conserving the positive aspects from the previous stages and leaving the distortions (insanity).

Regarding modern politics: I's an impossible decision!

William Wildblood said...

Yes, I believe that was the intended trajectory and is the ideal scenario. The question is will we progress or will we get stuck in the insanity? It all depends on our inner orientation, I would say. In a way, our honesty.

Morgan said...


Have you heard of the idea that there are an infinite number of parallel Earth realities? And individually we will be on a parallel version of Earth that matches our inner orientation. Therefore there are some versions of Earth that do go down a path of self-destruction and others that go towards peace on Earth.

William Wildblood said...

I haven't heard it and I don't believe it! There are surely many other dimensions of being but certainly not an infinite. And I don't think there are parallel Earth realities in the sense that they are the same as here only slightly different taking in every possibility as though it were an actuality.

Moonsphere said...


Your question reminds me of the Multiverse theory. That concept is attractive to materialist atheists because without it, they faced the impossible odds of 10^122 against life arising within the Universe. So almost in a childish fit of pique - they invoked 10^122 other Universes to balance the books.

What, if I may ask, is the impossible paradox you face - that makes the idea of infinite Earth realities attractive to you? In short what problem does it solve for you?

Morgan said...

Hi Moonsphere,

Ironically, I first heard about this understanding from Bashar, who is supposedly from another planetary civilisation. If it is true that he comes from another planet/sphere of experience, then it would affect the odds of life arising in the universe!

The idea he presents is that every second, billions of 'still frames' shift through our consciousness, which gives the felt experience of moving through a world of time and space. But this is illusory because really we are not moving anywhere, in either time or space; our experience is happening within the ever-present moment which is here and now. All possibilities exist within Consciousness Itself, or the Mind of God, or whatever name we choose to use.

Whether this is true or not, or whether we believe it or not, the idea is that in every moment we have the free will to choose, as William calls it, our inner orientation, which I think fundamentally is a choice between fear or love. To (maybe) answer your question: the way in which this knowledge can help me is to know that whatever qualities I need already exist within me, and they can be meditated upon and brought into my experience.

What does it mean to be made in the image of the Creator? What creative capacity do we have and how does it work?

Moonsphere said...

Hi Morgan, I hadn't heard of Bashar - but a quick google search led me to his pages.

Many years ago when I first became interested in religion and spirituality, I did look into various proponents of Eastern mysticism, channelled comunications, etc. Ultimately what turned me off - was the incessant talk of vibrational states. To be honest - it seems wholly mired in the materialist worldview.

Here is one of Bashar's "Basic Principles".

"Excitement is the physical translation of the vibrational resonance that is your true, core natural being - follow your excitement!".

At best, one can interpret Bashar's worldview as Deist. As far as I can see, Bashar does not mention God - he seems to worship creation itself. One of his basic tenets is that "you are loved by Creation". Not loved by God - but by Creation.

William Wildblood said...

Sounds to me like another New Age type teacher who is basically saying that the spiritual is just another form of pleasure. Follow your excitement = Seek pleasure. As you say, Moonsphere, it's materialism translated to the spiritual plane but the spiritual world is only gained by the spiritual motive.

Morgan said...

Hi Moonshere,

He also talks about ‘The One’, meaning the unmanifest formless absolute, and All That Is (what he calls God) as the first reflection within The One, which then ‘individualizes’ itself into an infinite diversity of reflections. A similar cosmology can be found in Kashmir Shaivism and Vedanta

He also says that unconditional love is the fundamental vibration of existence. Yes, you are correct, he also used the word ‘Creation’ for ‘God’. I also found his a bit odd when I first heard it but I think it’s because unfortunately in our modern society the word God comes with a lot baggage in people’s minds, so he wants to use a different term.He says that we are all of it: we are The One; we are All That Is, we are the individual soul and we are the human being.

He talks about acting on our inner guidance, transforming our negative mental and emotional aspects, and awakening to our real self. He talks about self-acceptance, living with integrity, loving each other, the animals and the planet. He says that the imagination of the conduit between the physical mind and the higher mind.

Plus many other things...