Thursday 27 December 2018

Equality - A Doctrine of Destruction

It has become almost universally accepted that feminism is about equality but there are two problems with this. The first is that it is not true, certainly not nowadays. For, whatever it once might have been, feminism has developed into a movement for the advancement of women as opposed to men, and it clearly seeks power not equality, specifically the traditionally masculine type of power which it attempts to acquire through various methods, many of which are based on deception. It employs the usual tricks of the left (of which it is an offshoot) that include the distortion of language, false assumptions stated as fundamental truths, destruction of common sense basic principles, appeals to supposed justice, political indoctrination, denigration and suppression of opposition and manipulations of ideology.

The second problem is that of equality itself. It is taken for granted that this is a reasonable objective, and that equality means everybody merits exactly the same thing. But if you look at both nature and the spiritual world, there is no such thing as equality. Actually, if equality really were a law of life there would never have been any manifested universe to begin with. Creation is based on inequality, the initial separation of heaven and earth being a rupture in oneness and the start of difference. Now, equality, if real, would have meant there could never have been any break in oneness, all would have been eternally the same, and, by the same token, difference is only possible with inequality. Inequality is at the very root of creation and the fundamental order of the universe. A complete equality would have meant that the manifested world of becoming could never have arisen. The one may be equal because it is one. The many cannot be equal because they are many. To be equal, everything would have to be the same.

Consequently, it is not hard to see that the contemporary obsession with equality, and the assumption that oneness and equality are always and inevitably good, 'spiritual' things, is actually a great metaphysical error. It is an anti-spiritual impulse and an attempt, probably initiated by the dark powers, to return creation to the state of chaos whence it arose. It is the destruction of cosmic order, necessarily based on hierarchy, and it feeds on rebellion and resentment which are first disguised and then justified by the sentimental excuse of compassion. Not that compassion itself is sentimental but if used in a sentimental way which ignores or over-rules truth, it becomes destructive. This is disordered compassion or compassion that is not really compassion but simply dons its clothing in order to achieve an end desired by the sinfully motivated self. If the devil can quote scripture for his own ends, he can surely use virtue for his own purposes too. And he does.

As for men and women and a supposed equality between them, why not look to nature? We could, of course, look to scripture too but that is rejected by most people nowadays when it conflicts with their agendas. However, we have an interesting example in nature with the phenomenon of handedness. Everyone is right or left handed. We do need both hands and so you could say that the hands are equal but one is the leader of the two and most of the time it is the right.* There is a built-in imbalance and this appears to be one of the facts of life. Complete balance or symmetry does not occur. Indeed, the Masters have said (in Towards the Mysteries), "You should create without balance. Balance is not harmony. Balance is mechanisation of the mind”. They were speaking of the arts but what they say applies to life in general too. Indeed, it is because it applies to nature and life that it should apply to the arts. But the point is that balance is equality. Equality is not a desirable thing in terms of manifestation even if it exists at the deepest spiritual level of non-manifestation or pure being, just as oneness does. But it does not exist in terms of created things and beings. Where do we see it? In the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, among humans? Nowhere is there a complete equality and nowhere should there be except in chaos and darkness. But light is never the same, there are always degrees of light. There are no degrees of darkness. (If you think there sometimes are, that is because that difference is created by light.)

Going back to handedness and the undeniable fact that most people are right-handed, we should note that the association of the right side with the male and the left with the female is an ancient one that exists in many cultures. The two are complementary and do (in a way) balance each other but they are not the same and one is naturally the dominant one. This is just an example taken from nature and is not intended to prove anything. But I would say that it does illustrate a general principle that is obvious to the uncorrupted (by desire or whatever) mind. It is not meant to be applied literally to the male/female complementarity but to show that nature is not interested in equality. Human beings are not hands but principles operate in a similar way throughout nature according to context. And note that if the left hand tries to dominate, the result will be a weakened state which is very probably the situation we are heading towards, our advanced technology tending to obscure that fact from us for the moment.

Modern Christians who have lost touch with the transcendent reality of their religion and look at it in largely worldly terms think that Christ preached equality. The fact he didn't is a large part of the reason Judas Iscariot turned against him. Judas could not understand that Christ's kingdom was not of this world. He saw Jesus as a political figure, completely failing to grasp the message of spiritual redemption. This is not meant as an excuse to go the other way or a justification to exploit the weak, but it shows that equality was not a concern of Christ's, except insofar as he taught all people are potentially the children of God.

No doubt if we lived in a world in which the strong did oppress the weak, in which the common humanity of all peoples was ignored or denied, and hierarchy abused (as, of course, it has been in the past), a reminder of the essential spiritual oneness of all human beings would be essential as long as that was fitted into an overall structure of how human beings are also not equal in developed potential, expression, duties, spiritual unfoldment and so on. But the huge over-emphasis on equality today without a corresponding understanding of the hierarchical nature of cosmic order is separating us more and more from spiritual truth, and for that reason must be seen as instigated by the demons who are behind so many of the deviations of modernity.

* Obviously I am aware of ambidexterity but it is not the norm.


edwin faust said...

The presumed right to equality is the impetus for the Fall, is it not? A refusal to accept our status as creatures and an insistence that we, too, should be as God is at the root of all of our troubles. The right to equality has become the stick used to beat whomever and whatever displeases us. That which is different from us is, by definition, offensive in its very nature, an assertion of inequality that cannot be allowed to stand. The egalitarian principle has become a declaration of the war of all against all. Feminism is but another instance of the rejection of creation and the desire to remake ourselves in an image other than God's. But whose? If satan is a person, he is the great promoter of equality, the super-egalitarian and champion of envy and resentment in the name of justice. I'm afraid we are sunk so deeply into the mire of this false justice that it seems impossible for most people to find a footing that might help them to climb out of it. But thank you for your incisive words. We need light in the darkness.

William Wildblood said...

You're absolutely right, edwin. It is the Fall playing itself out yet again. The reduction of the male/female complementarity to a question of equality is a totally false way of looking at it. Thinking of it in those terms, that's to say using the language and concepts of your opponent, gets you in all sorts of difficulties. The dice are loaded against you from the start because you have accepted a false premise. Men and women are not equal. Horror! But they are not not equal either. The concept of equality is misapplied here because men are men and women are women and they each have their part to play. What that part is is fairly clear from nature, from scripture, from instinct and from universal tradition. It can be revised now and then to suit evolutionary unfoldment and spiritual growth but it should not be completely reinterpreted.