Monday, 18 December 2017

Albion Awakening Book List

Over on Albion Awakening I've put up some suggestions for a reading list of works with a bearing on the theme of that blog, some loosely connected, some more directly. I'd welcome any other ideas.


Anonymous said...

Linking this in with Dr Charlton's 'evangelism today' thinking, and seeing 'Albion' as another word for 'the good' wherever in the world it occurs, who are the creative evangelists for the good, who challenge and stimulate the thinking of the people?

Which authors are connected to reality enough to myth make the truth into poetic or novel form? Which film makers are doing the same thing, especially for mass consumption? Where are those who challenge the corruption with their creative output working? Who challenges the metaphysics of materialism with their art? Who talks with legitimate authority (inspired by God whether they know it or not) for the good through their works?

I would also venture to say that ultimately evil is really rather stupid, not clever at all. (After all Satan knows he's going to burn, but he persists in his doomed separation from God - what a chump). Big box office films with metaphysical altering potential, make great viewing, and so they make lots of money for bad people behind the creators. That doesn't change the fact that the content of such films can work against their evil agenda. They probably even know it, but short-term money making wins out every time. Just like Satan - the chump factor at work. Yes, creative types are supping with the devil, but if you don't take on risky campaigns, you're not going to win the war. Anyway, the best ones ensure they're packing long spoons.

Such modern creators ought to make it into your list because, for now, 'the force is with them', and they have access to the creative power of reality to influence real thinking in millions of people now.

The question is, "Who and what is in the now?" Which creators have the 'Albion' spirit, and how are they manifesting it through their creativity?

William Wildblood said...

I don't know. I can't see any major figures now, though I'm not very knowledgeable about these things. But practically everyone I can see I regard as creatively destructive. Have you any suggestions? I do think that maybe Bob Dylan in the past has challenged corruption with his creative output as you phrase it, on a certain level anyway. At least he's never been afraid to go against the establishment whether conventional or, much more important, nowadays 'hip'.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I can think of one - Wendy Alec's 'Chronicles of Brothers' books.

It is a series of four books starting with the fall of Satan, going on to the Christ and his life, death and our redemption though him. Then there is the rise of the antichrist, and the end times. It is a great, mythic re-telling of the relevant 'good v. bad' message of the bible. It is not the Jewish history bits, but what happens on earth, in hell and in heaven because of the struggle between good and evil for the souls of men. It is exciting, accessible, and its intent is good. As Mark Ordesky (Executive Producer: 'Lord of the Rings') film said, "There could be no bigger canvas for film-making".

See this link for a way in,

And this,

I've read them, and they have the right mythic feel, plus that blockbuster quality of major Holywood films. They are the right sort of fiction for the people in our times, and are a way of foregrounding the good (for once) against the background muck of modern society. It is the Albion spirit at work in the world, which, for me, is another way of referring to the grace of God.