Tuesday 30 May 2017

Liberalism is Materialised Spirituality

The modern liberal/left position, which is pretty much the current orthodoxy, is a materialistic distortion of spirituality. This is why it is so hard to argue against from the perspective of a lack of belief in the Creator. It makes some kind of sense if there is no God. But then if you deny God you have literally no grounds for any kind of coherent understanding of life. Consequently you are forced to make things up to somehow fit in with your metaphysical ignorance.

The 20th century had the potential to be a time of spiritual rebirth.  From the higher planes of life forces rained down on humanity. New ideas were thus introduced onto the mental plane that were intended to carry us on to the next stage in spiritual growth, one in which the intellectual development of past centuries could be combined with a spiritual/intuitive outlook and human beings could learn to integrate the inner path with the outer.

Unfortunately, whether because of our own personal weakness, the failure of our political leaders, artists and philosophers or because of demonic derailment (or most likely all of these), this did not work out as hoped. Spiritual ideas were responded to but on a materialistic level and without acknowledgement of their true origin. Even where spirituality was acknowledged it was often done from the perspective of the lower or worldly self, with that as the driver instead of the passenger as is proper.

Thus the brotherhood of Man was recognised but not the fatherhood of God which led to the flattening out that is social equality. The complementarity of male and female was recognised but travestied as the sameness of equality. Condemning sinners was seen as wrong but so was condemning, or even recognising, sin. I could go on but it should be clear what I am driving at here. Ideas that were true on a spiritual or absolute plane were misapplied to the material or relative one, and the real spiritual was either ignored or seen in the light of the material.

This is why it is so hard to argue with someone of a liberal persuasion without seeming like an old fashioned bigot. He thinks he is standing for goodness and truth, ignoring the fact that if he is a materialist these concepts can have no real meaning.  But in his eyes, as far as they can have meaning, it is his ideology that best corresponds to them. And his ideology that has put right so many wrongs of the past. This is why so many people have unthinkingly adopted leftist attitudes and why those who oppose them are often forced into extremist positions, either real in over-reaction or apparent because they conflict with the unrecognised prejudices of liberalism. You don't believe in equality? You're a fascist.  You think feminism corrupts women and deforms the relationship between the sexes? You're a sexist. You think mass immigration was a mistake? You're a racist. You think homosexuality is contrary to God's laws and means of expression? Etc, etc.

Part of the problem is that people responded to these new spiritual ideas from within the limitations of their already existing worldview but that was not all. There were also demonic attempts to subvert and invert truth; aided and abetted I might say by their many servants, conscious and unconscious, in this world, in the latter case often motivated by their own egotistic agendas and rejection of God.

One of the principal ways this was achieved was through the sexual revolution, the unharnessing of sex from marriage. As all genuine spiritual teachers know sex is such a powerful force that, if unconstrained, it takes over as the prime motivating factor in peoples' lives. Now it has not only been let loose but is artificially stimulated by fashion, music and art to extreme forms. Even people who may not participate so much in this, either through choice or lack of opportunity, still live in a world in which they are surrounded by sexual imagery and the attitude that anything goes as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else holds sway. But it is precisely because sex is a physical manifestation of a spiritual energy that its use as a purely physical means of pleasure is so detrimental to any kind of spiritual growth or development. Union between a man and a woman (and that, and that only, is what sex is) must take place on as many levels as possible to be in line with spiritual truth and the wholeness of what a human being is. To restrict such a powerful force to the physical level alone, which is basically what the modern approach entails, will cut the individual off from the spiritual more effectively than practically anything else. The devil knows that the corruption of the best is the worst and that is the approach he consistently adopts and has certainly done here. Spiritual awakening absolutely demands the recognition of the perverted agenda of the sexual revolution.

To conclude. The modern liberal attitude has resulted from the deliberate attempt to replace real spirituality by hijacking some of its doctrines (which are dependent on recognition of their transcendent origin for their truth) and misinterpreting them on a lower level so that the higher and more real level is obscured. It is a misrepresentation of spiritual truths by transferring them to the material world where their relevance is limited and must be seen in the light of the spiritual which is always primary. It is part of an attempt to deny the spiritual truth in Christianity by misapplying its doctrines to an exclusively worldly level. If you are serious about making spiritual progress you must liberate yourself from its illusions, though without being driven to the opposite extreme which will suit the demons just as well. However there will be no risk of that if you make God the focus of your thoughts and love and wisdom the goals of your spiritual practice.


Bruce Charlton said...

William - we are saying much the same in our blogs today! - so I have linked this from my post: http://charltonteaching.blogspot.co.uk/2017/05/here-and-now-we-must-turn-aside-from.html

William Wildblood said...

Yes, I noticed that too! Thanks for linking. One difference between our two posts is that you are providing the necessary response. "Turn aside, turn inward." is exactly what we have to do.

Bruce Charlton said...

@WIlliam - I have come to accept this, and even understand it. But as yet I find it hard to live by the understanding - except briefly and intermittently. I keep getting pulled back into materialising the spirituality!

I think this is because I mostly use materialism in perceiving and reasoning; then try Not to reach materialist conclusions, try Not to rely on materialism for evidence... so there is a conflict, or at least a bad habit.

The way to make progress is probably to develop a more spiritual way of understanding in the first place - of relating to the world.

William Wildblood said...

We who live in the modern thoroughly materialistic Western world(and the East is probably no better nowadays) can't help being affected by it and thinking in its terms, to some degree at least.

That might be why some traditions say that in the latter days all a person need do is repeat the name of God to be saved. In hard times easy options are acceptable.

But I do think some daily routine of prayer and/or meditation is important to quieten and, as it were, retune and reorient the mind to the true God and not just our theories about him. Finding that point of stillness and silence is important. I struggle in this respect as much as the next person!

Anonymous said...

I think this is because I mostly use materialism in perceiving and reasoning; then try Not to reach materialist conclusions, try Not to rely on materialism for evidence... so there is a conflict, or at least a bad habit.
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