Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Left, Right and Paradox

Left and right are currently further apart than ever. I don't think they will ever understand each other and, more importantly, the truth until they see that equality must always exist in the context of fundamental hierarchy and hierarchy must exist in the context of a fundamental equality. This goes across the board and can be applied in almost any context where there is disagreement.

There is a connection here to the dual reality of unity and multiplicity, and failure to understand it is the cause of so many problems. A basic spiritual truth is that paradox (or apparent paradox) exists but we find it hard to comes to terms with this because we look at the world intellectually. Understanding paradox, or what seems to be such to the intellectual mind, requires a more flexible intuitive response which doesn't need to force things into ideological strait jackets in order to be able to deal with them. Until we develop this we simply won't see a way forward out of our current impasse.

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