Thursday, 8 December 2016

Technology and the Smartphone

More and more people are uneasy about the dehumanising effects of modern technology, particularly the ubiquitous use of the smartphone to which the younger generation are, without exaggeration, addicted. I have felt extremely ambivalent about all this since the early days of the computer.  I remember being told by many people who identified themselves with New Age types of spirituality in the 1980s that computer technology was inspired by God or the spiritual powers or whatever form of hidden reality they believed in, but I instinctively resisted this. Ditto for the worldwide connectivity of the internet which was supposed to be a forerunner of spiritual consciousness. To me the whole technology was a parody of true spiritual understanding, Satan aping God as he likes to do but doing so in a crude and materialistic way since he is unable to do otherwise. As time has gone by I have become ever more convinced that modern computer technology is, to put it bluntly, demonically inspired, if not in its actual origin then certainly in its development and use and exploitation. How can it be otherwise since it substitutes breadth for depth, the exterior for the interior and makes everything so easy that it loses its flavour and nourishment? Those who understand will know what I mean. Others might perhaps ponder on the difference between material and spiritual progress and see that the two don't necessarily go together, and are sometimes at complete odds.

There is an often quoted passage from the book of Revelation which can be taken to be referring to the outcome of this form of technology without too much stretching of the imagination.

"And another angel, a third, followed them, saying with a loud voice, “If anyone worships the beast and its image and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand, he also will drink the wine of God's wrath, poured full strength into the cup of his anger, and he will be tormented with fire and sulphur in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb. And the smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever, and they have no rest, day or night, these worshippers of the beast and its image, and whoever receives the mark of its name.” (Rev 14:9-11)

Strong stuff that would probably be considered hate speech nowadays. But let's consider what it might mean in relation to modern computer technology. You can't call this technology evil in itself, and the use of it is not sinful as such though it can open the door to all sorts of temptations and distractions. Therefore it can undoubtedly lead to potential sins not to mention ever more separation from the spiritual world. Nonetheless, worshipping the beast and receiving the mark must entail more than simply using a computer or smartphone.

The devil is no fool. He works in stages, leading us from seemingly innocent pursuits and preoccupations more and more deeply into his net until we end up doing and thinking and feeling things we never would have done when we started. So once we have become so addicted to our smartphones that we cannot imagine life without them he will introduce another level and then another and so on until there will finally come a point at which we will be led to make a conscious decision as to whether to carry on down this path or turn back. Carrying on will, in some way, mean renouncing God and utterly rejecting spiritual truth. 

Perhaps by then we will only be able to engage in any kind of economic activity if we allow ourselves to receive some kind of 'tag', even an implant, to get which we might have to take an oath of commitment to something that, in effect, denies God. Things do seem to be tending in that direction. So the time may come when we will have to choose whether to continue receiving our habitual worldly benefits, or maybe receive even greater benefits which we might not be aware of now but which will seem very attractive then, or not, and if we wish to get these things then we may have to do something similar to swearing allegiance to the old Roman gods, only something far more serious in its implications because it will require not just an outer gesture as that did but a real inner act of submission. By then the establishment hierarchy will probably be devil worshippers of some sort, though it will be perceived far less crudely than that, of course. It will doubtless seem sophisticated and spiritually advanced though it will clearly lack Christ in spirit and probably in name too since the name of Christ is a holy one that cannot be defiled. But anyone wishing to receive the favour and privileges of the establishment, or even lead a normal life in the world with money, material comfort and all the perks of modernity, will have to make a similar commitment to the 'beast'. They will have to accept its 'mark' in return for being allowed full participation as a citizen of a global government.

Hysterical fear-mongering? Perhaps. It is only an imaginary speculation. Nevertheless the signs of the times are pointing in this direction for those whose spiritual eyes are in any way open, and who have paid attention to the warnings we have been given from tradition.


ted said...

Probably all true William. Nevertheless, technology has put me in touch with wise writers like yourself that I would have never come across otherwise. I think anything can be demonically inspired, but it's more a matter of our relationship towards it. Sex has been around since Adam bit the apple, and certainly isn't going anywhere, and I can't think of anything more that has the ability to traverse from the profound to the profane to such extremes.

William Wildblood said...

What you say about the good side of it all is perfectly true, Ted. I absolutely agree that it's a two edged sword and we all use it and benefit from it. I wouldn't have a blog without it! But isn't that precisely why it's such a problem and temptation? It would be easy to reject if it was all bad. I just see so many people, especially children and the young, who are completely in thrall to it. For those of us who haven't grown up with it, it's relatively easy to control our use, but for those who have always had it as part of their experience in the world that's going to be much harder.

You see I don't believe technology is neutral. I think it carries its own built in assumptions which we absorb to a greater or lesser extent when we use it. Here the assumption is the superiority of the machine over nature.

George said...

It appears that those at the top of the hierarchy already worship Satan, in a more literal way than I imagined. One interesting byproduct of this election was the Wikileaks releases was a well-connected elite participation in Satanic rituals dubbed "performance art" - notably the so-called spirit-cooking, along with embracing other - what can only rightly be called Satanic - artwork demonstrating cannibalism, pedophilia, and mutilation.

It suggests that to participate in the highest level of well-connected elites, there is already a point or act - such as participation in one of these rituals - in which one actively rejects God. I don't want to go into details much, but all these things that the elites are "in to" have the commonality of participating in an objectively evil act - one that is innately disgusting to us - something that would effectively corrupt us (e.g. cannibalism, pretend or real, consuming other bodily fluids, perverse sexuality).

Probably the best fictionalized example would be "That Hideous Strength" where one is ritually asked to trample on God before gaining admittance to the inner circle. It looks like the way things are going is to force to decision "martyrdom or damnation".

William Wildblood said...

Breaking taboos is very exciting for these people as it removes them from the ordinary people and seems to promise a more advanced state of being, almost a breakthrough into a higher world. It's a complete lie of course.

I think many elements of That Hideous Strength are prophetic.

George said...

Here is a timely comment on the same art mentioned above:


The "breaking taboos" does seem, on reflection, a logical consequence of "progress" which originated this permanent rebellion we live under.

George said...

I should have said *some* of the same "artwork" mentioned above. There are, of course, other "artists".