Thursday, 11 August 2016

Feminism Reappraised

Feminism in the modern world is usually regarded as an all round good thing which every educated person, male or female, should  be in favour of and support. It will take us forward to a more just and civilised world in which everyone will be happier as life proceeds in an enlightened fashion to the benefit of all.

That is one way of regarding the matter but there is another which, instead of taking things at face value, looks behind appearance. However this requires a spiritual as opposed to a material/humanistic understanding of life. In this scenario feminism is akin to a second temptation for Eve, deceiving her into thinking that if she eats the apple proffered she will become as a god. It's the old appeal to power disguised as justice. Outwardly what the serpent is whispering makes sense. It seems right and reasonable. The old ways (the command of God, the rules of religion and traditional society) are unfair and absurd. They are restrictive, authoritarian and designed to maintain an unjust power structure. But actually once the shiny surface of feminism is stripped away it can be clearly seen as a lie that will only lead to unhappiness as the relationship between the sexes is damaged, and the harmony that should exist among human beings is replaced by a state of affairs in which the natural balance and order is lost. The only result can be alienation from the truth and suffering for both sexes not to mention humanity as a whole. Of course, no one is saying that the past was perfect.  Abuse of male power had set in long since, and that was obviously what increased the appeal of the temptation and made it possible in the first place. Some wrongs did need to be righted, but that is quite a different thing to overturning the whole natural order. The traditional idea of the sexes as complementary is far closer to the truth than the false notion,  rapidly becoming the norm today, that there is no real difference between them.

Satan has always known that if he can corrupt woman who, when she is true to her nature, frequently has greater intuitive sensitivity to truth than man, then man will follow, whether through weakness, vanity, the desire to please, to be seen as fair and reasonable or maybe even gallant and gentlemanly.  Her sexual power over him is also a major factor. So he (the tempter) plays on her sense of injustice, appeals to her ego and fans the flames of resentment. As always there is an element of truth in what he says. There must be or else it would inevitably fall on stony ground. But mixed in with that there are powerful lies and these become more dominant as time passes and the good that could be done is overshadowed and swallowed up by the harm that is done.

The divine nature can be seen to express itself through masculine and feminine forms when in manifestation, these corresponding to Justice and Mercy as discussed in previous posts and best personified as Father and Mother. Each sex should ideally manifest one or other of these qualities to be true to its calling as a man or a woman. That of course does not mean that the other quality should be neglected or left unexpressed, but it should be seen as within the context of the main principle. When either sex overbalances too much towards the other then something has gone wrong and the natural order will no longer function as it should. When either tries to usurp the functions of the other then something has gone very wrong. This indicates rebellion against reality and, as such, its origins are not hard to determine. Feminism is based on the desire for power which must surely be obvious to the unbiased observer, and its undervaluing of the role of the mother makes it blatantly anti-feminine. What clearer proof could there be that it is infernally inspired?

Many people in the brainwashed world of today will reject that assertion and consider anyone who says it an ignorant bigot. So be it! Nevertheless, in order to defend myself from attacks by those who might accuse me of saying what I haven't said (a typical tactic of the fallen being), perhaps I should qualify it slightly. What is infernally inspired is modern feminism. That is, the original impulse behind all this would have been meant as a correction to past over-balance on the masculine side but the devil, true to his normal working practices, has taken an intended force for good and corrupted it. He has polluted what, at its source, was a clear stream, bent truth to his spiritually corrosive ends and destroyed its original meaning and purpose in the process. Naturally, he could not have done this without the willing participation of wrongly motivated humans in this world to carry out his project, people who claim to be acting disinterestedly, if not out of goodness, but in whose faces and manner you can usually see something quite different.

The position I put forward in this post is one, I fully realise, that is easy to take the wrong way, even to caricature. But there are two points I would like to make. Firstly, modern feminism is based on rebellion and the roots of this rebellion, like practically all rebellions since the first one, lie in the ego's self-assertion against the truth of God. This leads to the second point which is that the whole question, like so much else, comes down to metaphysics. If your metaphysics is wrong then the position you adopt from it will be too. The metaphysical basis for feminism is materialistic humanism which is the denial of God. Some people try to fit feminism into a spiritual context but the spirituality that results from that is a very ersatz one that has no grounding in any kind of authority or genuine tradition. It's a cut and paste job, and one that has to adapt to political/social views rather than the other way around.  

So feminism is the product of materialistic humanism but that is a false ideology based on unreality. This means that feminism is actually built on non-existent foundations and once that is realised its whole premise just melts away. By the same token when the true metaphysical position is known, that God is real and that he expresses himself in a dualistic way through spirit and matter, life and form, which correspond to masculine and feminine then the complementary roles of man and woman and their relative positions with regard to each other become apparent. This is not a matter of equality which is an irrelevant red herring here, having no bearing on the question. It is a matter of complementarity within the context and meaning of the divine masculine/feminine polarity.  The two sexes have different roles (as everyone knows if they're honest), and if one of them tries to usurp the position of the other then eventually societal breakdown will ensue.

I have put this post under the label of the Kali Yuga which is the ancient Indian version of the End Times when true values are inverted and materialism is rife. It is, you might say, the time when the substantial (material) pole dominates the essential (spiritual) one, and truth and goodness are distorted. Feminism, in its modern form, falls very neatly into this category.


Bruce Charlton said...

@William. Indeed.

Evidence of the rottenness of modern feminism is its dishonesty - for example in the use of 'statistics' to 'prove' injustice (eg. about jobs and salaries). Invariably, on examination, these turn out to be dishonestly constructed to mislead - and honest comparison would often prove the opposite.

Or, as a different kind of example, as an extreme, the privilege of women being exempted from the hellish conditions and high casualty rates of front-line military service is represented as a deprivation of job opportunities!

But the worst damage is spiritual - the corruption of so many, ever-more, Western women by grasping entitlement combined with unassuagable resentment; the wholesale self-deprivation of the potential gold of wife and motherhood for the dross of promiscuity and middle management wage-slavery. The mockery and scorn of the former and the propaganda and spinning favouring the latter in innumerable news stories, pop songs, novels, TV and movies.

This kind of self-deception is probable evidence of an extreme state of unrepented sin, and therefore Heaven-rejecting self-damnation. The scale of this is terrifying.

William Wildblood said...

I have often thought that while feminism damages everyone it damages women most, spiritually speaking that is. The problem is that it's impossible to argue against given our current misconceived understanding of what a human being is which is why we have to go back to metaphysics.

Luqman said...

By mixing a bit of truth into a lot of lie, Satan not only deceives the primary intended recipients of the lie but also those who seek to fight back. A wholesale rejection of everything linked nowadays to the word feminism would still be quite damaging.

William Wildblood said...

Yes, and that's where he's so clever(!). If we reject everything linked to feminism we simply fall into the opposite camp and are the bigots we would be accused of being. We have to steer a middle course and sort out the wheat of feminism from the tares. But I don't think that's too hard if we respond intuitively and honestly to the question and see that femininity has been undervalued but that feminism as it is is the denial of femininity.

Anonymous said...

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