Monday, 27 April 2015

The Social Sphere 2

I received the following comment on the previous piece which gives me the chance to clarify any misconceptions that might have arisen as to its meaning and intent.

That’s an interesting position but it basically seems to ignore or take for granted the contributions of those politically motivated groups and individuals who have fought for an increase in human rights over the years, and stood up against privilege and oppression. You would not presumably discount their efforts and, indeed, sacrifices?

My reply was as follows.

I'm not saying that, given the present state of the world, politics are unnecessary. (I can envisage a time when they are no longer necessary but that would have to be a kind of Golden Age.) Of course, society must be organised along certain lines and there are, as I said, better and worse ways in which to do this, even if all today lack insight into the true nature of things. What I am saying is that for the spiritual person all political matters are, or should be, subsumed into spiritual understanding, and that to step down from that to politics is to go back into the duality of the worldly mind and identification with outer things which should always be seen in the light of inner realities and never in their own light. How many of the great spiritual figures of the past were politically involved in any way or advised their disciples to be? Their counsel was always to “Seek first the kingdom of heaven and all things shall be added to you.” In other words, put all your focus on God and everything else falls naturally into its proper place. If you have the kingdom of heaven, you have everything. If you don't have that then you have nothing at all. 

So I am not condemning political involvement per se but pointing out that there is a much higher approach to all problems, and that when you awaken to the reality of the spiritual world all matters to do with this world are put in a completely different perspective, and it is a mistake to go back to seeing them or trying to tackle them from the old vantage points. 

So my words were not addressed to everyone but only to those who are committed to the spiritual path, and take seriously the implications of the fact of God, and recognise that, ultimately, that is the only fact.

My correspondent replied.

"That may be but if spiritually aware people don't take to public or political life how will things ever improve?"

To which I answered.

That's a good point and I'm sure there are some people whose destiny it is to do that, though looking around it's hard to see anyone who might answer that description at the moment.  But I am referring to the spiritual aspirant who has no destiny of that kind which will always be the great majority of us. And I would add that even those who are so called are more likely to be people who may be spiritually sensitive but who are still rooted in this world and so are not yet completely dedicated to treading the spiritual path. 
Because they are still largely focused in the material world they can act as intermediaries between this world and the spiritual in a way that someone seeking greater spiritual polarisation could not do. 

Basically what I am saying is that spirituality and politics don't mix any more than God and Mammon do, and if you do try and serve two masters you will inevitably end up losing connection to the higher reality because you are being unfaithful to it. You are, in effect, denying its supreme truth. Real spirituality has to be an all or nothing affair in the sense that everything worldly must be completely subordinate to it.

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