Monday 12 August 2013

Spiritual Protection

The great beings who carry out God’s will could remove all evil from this world at any time they chose. All external evil, that is. They cannot remove the evil, or potential for evil, from our hearts without breaking God’s own laws. And that is why the dark forces are permitted to remain within the aura of Earth from whence they attempt to induce us away from paths that lead to the light and into one of the many diversions that distract us from what is real. We allow them to remain by responding to their wiles, succumbing to their misdirections and falling for their temptations. What defines a human being is free will, which is what gives a created being the opportunity to become a god, and if evil were removed without that being the result of our own free choice that opportunity would potentially be lost. The dark forces can only mislead us by manipulating our own pre-existing shortcomings and negative or selfish impulses. Once we uproot these from our psyche and turn our faces wholly to God they have nothing to work with and are defeated. Thus, to get rid of evil on the outside, we must eradicate it from within ourselves.

This is what the Masters made clear to me. I was also told that during the period of my training (and probably throughout life) evil entities would seek to influence my thoughts ..... but they could be banished by love. He (the Master) told me not to have fear of evil or dwell on it but to be aware that it exists. “It has no power over you unless you give it power” he said.

When the Master said that evil entities could be banished by love he was not suggesting that I should try to love them. That would be na├»ve in the extreme as such beings are quite without moral scruple and would respond to proffered love in only one way. By seeking to take advantage of it. This is why Christ advised his disciples to be as wise as serpents and as harmless as doves, and not just the latter of the two. They must go together. What the Master was saying was that I should cultivate an attitude of love so that when dark thoughts arose in my mind (possibly projected there by the evil entities) I would not succumb to them but easily be able to dismiss them. I would just not respond to them, seeing them as belonging to the world of falseness. The light of love makes the mind impervious to shadow or, as another holy being once told me, love disperses all darkness.

This gives us the key to the greatest protection against evil. It is love. That is hardly a revelation, of course, but it is worth looking at for a moment for not only is love the mark of a spiritual person, it is also, from a purely practical point of view, a shield against which evil can do nothing. We could explain that in a vaguely scientific way by saying it is a form of energy of a far higher frequency than anything at the devil’s disposal so he simply cannot penetrate it but I prefer to look at it like this. Darkness can only deepen darkness that is already present. Where there is light, it just vanishes into nothing.

The Masters can defend us from some attacks (they told me so themselves) but they cannot or more probably will not, defend us from all for if they did how could we learn to rise above such things and become Masters ourselves? What they can do is help us if we help ourselves and, to that end, they gave me certain methods to protect against evil. One of these was prayer. If we ask for protection it will be given. You might reasonably wonder why it is not given anyway but the point is that the initiative must come from us. Human beings are normally closed. We must open ourselves to receive it. We must abandon the ego and submit (prayer is a form of submission which is why a certain type of person dislikes it) in order to be able to accept freely offered help from above. Prayer, true prayer, lifts us above ourselves and so away from the only area in which the dark forces can operate. Therefore the very act of praying if it is done with humility and sincerity will protect us in itself.

Another technique that was suggested to me was to imagine an armour of light around me that would protect me from the evil influences when they attacked.  To the convinced materialist this might seem the purest fantasy but, in spiritual terms, everything is mind. There is nothing in the external world that does not first arise in thought. When we talk about the dark forces we are not talking about physical beings but beings that exist in a mental world, a world where thoughts are things. Here concepts such as light and dark are not just symbolic terms. They are actualities and so, as with love which can be equated to light, the visualisation of an armour of light will form a barrier to lower forms of energy. As stated above, where there is light there cannot be darkness. Naturally any visualisation must be sufficiently concentrated to be effective but if you focus your thought, using imagination and willpower, and try to establish a firm connection to the spiritual world through both head and heart you will be rewarded. Persistence is the key to success.

I realise it could be thought that even discussing these fallen beings is to give them an importance that might augment their power over us. Actually they don’t have any power over us at all (see the Master’s words above) but they are able to exploit our weaknesses. Therefore it makes sense to be aware of them and know how they operate. You may not believe in evil powers or demons or whatever you want to call them. You may not think you need protection. You may think that nothing comes into your mind that does not originate there. However I can assure you that if you are on the spiritual path in any serious sense what the Masters told me also applies to you, and it is foolhardy to ignore it. The greater progress you make, the more you will be assailed by evil in all its forms. That is a solid fact and one you need to know. You need to know it not to have fear of evil or dwell on it but to be aware that it exists. A common analogy is with bacteria. These will infect you if you are exposed to them whether you believe in them or not. In the past we were ignorant of this and suffered for our ignorance as we took no steps to protect ourselves. Now we understand the practical necessity for cleanliness and so we observe basic rules of hygiene almost as a matter of course. We don’t go through life terrified of germs but we have acquired the habit of making sure our environment is as pure as it can be because we know the consequences that could arise if we neglect this. So it is with spiritual protection.

I will conclude this post with another piece of advice from the Masters with an interesting suggestion about the power of certain colours. It also points out how disharmony in relationships can be stimulated by evil influences and tells us how we should tackle this. Not everything we think or feel is our own, and it is very important not to follow or pay heed to negative impulses if and when they arise. The devil (I am speaking figuratively) loves to sow seeds of dissension. We must make sure these always fall on stony ground.

The Master told me to give love and support to Michael, and to realise that if I felt antipathy or irritation towards him this was the evil influences at work and should be ignored. I should meditate on blue and gold as this would purify the mind and take it to a higher level where such influences could not operate.

The purest spiritual symbol is the sun in a clear blue sky. One pointed meditation on that will take your mind to a sphere far above all darkness and illusion.


Paul Hillman said...

It is easy to feel that you can put yourself above evil influences, but they have a way of snapping back at you and you can be entrapped before you know what is happening, almost, I have found.Your suggestions really work, as might be expected considering their origins.Some ideas feel as if someone has popped open the top of my head and dropped them in and I follow in well worn paths until.... I remember.Thank you for sharing these counter measures , William, and the reminder about love which is always timely.Many Blessings.

William Wildblood said...

Thanks for your comments, Paul. What you say about following well worn paths is so very true. Sometimes, when you may be tired or relaxed or maybe got yourself into a bit of a bad humour, you are off guard and before you know it your thoughts have taken a wrong turning. We would all like to believe we are above such things but, truth to tell, if we were completely so it's unlikely we would be in this world. Inner vigilance may seem an exhausting thing to have to keep up but that can become a habit too. In this case, a good one!