Thursday 18 July 2013

More on the Masters

I should say straightaway that this post is largely of a personal nature but broader points do arise from that which is why it is included here.

I have been asked why it took me so long to write the book about the Masters. If they first contacted me in 1979 and then talked to me for 21 years, why did I not seek to share this until more than ten years after the contact ceased? Why not mention them when they were still actually speaking to me? For that matter, why did they not speak more publicly through Michael? The fact is they never did. I assume they could have done if they had wanted to so they must not have wanted to.

With regard to the first question, I could reply, and truly, that we do things when the time feels right, and it did not feel right before now. Some years ago I did write a book setting out what I had learnt, but I did not mention the Masters in that book, and only made a half-hearted attempt to get it published as I was never completely happy with it. One publisher to whom I sent a few representative chapters replied saying, ‘Dear Mr Wildblood, the audience for which we cater is receptive only up to a point’ which I decided to take as a compliment though I doubt it was meant as one!

For the first ten or so years of the Masters’ communications, I never spoke of them to anyone. People knew that Michael and I were leading a spiritual life but neither of us ever talked of what was behind that. We didn’t discuss this together and deliberately choose not to do so. We just didn’t do it. Likewise the Masters never told us not to mention them to anybody else. The subject simply didn’t arise. After several years I did tell my parents about the Masters because I wanted them to understand why I was leading the life I was. They had never condemned me for leading that life, though initially they had tried to dissuade me from it, but I knew that it did not make them happy and I wanted to remedy that as best I could. However my parents didn’t understand when I told them of the Masters. Such a thing was completely outside their worldview, and I couldn't blame them for their reaction. They didn’t think I was making it up, and, as far as I could tell, they didn’t think Michael was a fraud either, or not a conscious one anyway, but it just didn’t compute with how they saw things so they assumed it must be false without quite knowing how it was false.

That’s actually rather interesting. When confronted by something you can’t prove wrong but which simply doesn’t fit into how you imagine the world to be, what do you do? I think a lot of people faced with undeniable spiritual truths, which, if acknowledged, would radically alter their outlook on life, just look the other way. They can’t deny it but they can’t bring themselves to accept it either because the implications of that would be too shattering for them. Of course, many people react to the good news of a spiritual reality with joy, as indeed they should, but there are others who react with fear because they would have to question everything about themselves; their beliefs, their thoughts and their actions. What is more, they are now answerable to something beyond themselves and that makes them very uncomfortable.

The only other person we told was an old friend of Michael’s who had taken an interest in us, but she also decided that what was happening was something other than what we had said. She didn’t disbelieve us but she didn’t believe us either, and since that time when I have mentioned the Masters to people who are not spiritually receptive, that has been the commonest reaction.

The main reason I did not speak of the Masters when they were still in direct contact with me is that it would have seemed vulgar to do so. What do I mean by that? This was not a common experience, I think I can safely say that, and to talk about it when it was going on would have been to draw attention to myself and therefore demean both the experience and the Masters. It would even have treated them as though they were somehow my possession. In effect, it would have cheapened something sacred. To talk about them now is to do their work. To have done so while they were still speaking to me (unless they had requested me to do so which they didn’t) would have been like exposing the mysteries, and you don’t do that. There’s nothing exclusive in that attitude, and sometimes it’s right to expose the mysteries, after all that’s exactly what the Buddha did in his teachings and Jesus did in his person, but the point of the mysteries is that they are mysteries, and, generally speaking, you only come to them when you are ready for them.

That’s why I didn’t speak of the Masters or mention them in the book I wrote when Michael was still alive and they were still talking directly to me. As for why I did not write the book I did before I did, I would guess that to be a question of readiness. The Masters have their purposes and we must hold ourselves receptive to their requirements if we would serve them. I was strongly impressed to write a book literally one day from out of the blue, and I started that very day, knowing that it had to be done and it was actually not possible not to do it, such was the forcefulness of the impression. I didn’t know how it could be done because I couldn’t see how I would find the time to do it, but a change in circumstances meant that time was found.

For some people it might seem wrong that, in writing about spiritual matters, I include things of a personal nature but they are not included for personal reasons. I talk about my experience with the Masters to draw attention to the Masters. I have had this experience and I have to share it. That is the main purpose of my efforts. It’s time that the fact of such beings was better and more widely known, better known because their reputation has been somewhat tarnished by false and misguided representations, and more widely known because they are still much more obscure than they should be, even to spiritual aspirants.

I also consider that the description of spiritual training as given to me by the Masters contains general relevance and practical help of a universal nature. Finally, I hope that, by combining elements of theory, practice and personal history in the book and on the blog, readers are given a fuller insight into the spiritual process and may be inspired to pursue their own journey with renewed enthusiasm. Planet Earth is sailing through very rough waters at the moment. It needs as many people as possible to dedicate themselves to the spiritual path and to do so in the right way. There is as much false and misconceived spirituality about today as there is atheism and materialism. Attune yourself to the vibration of the Masters, dedicate yourself to their service, and you will be enabled to see through illusion and play your part in dispelling that darkness.

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