Thursday 28 February 2013


Welcome to the Meeting the Masters blog. I must confess that it’s slightly misnamed as you are not going to meet any Masters here, not directly anyway. But the posts may help to introduce those interested to the concept of Masters as spiritually realised human souls who now exist on higher planes of being, serving as teachers to those of us who have not yet reached their level of understanding and enlightenment. To do so is the destiny of us all if we wish to follow what is our true path. The choice is ours because free will is the great gift that defines us as human beings. We can choose to go with the flow of life and realise our oneness with God or we can separate ourselves from that flow, becoming ever more enclosed within the boundaries of the limited self and material existence.

You may not meet any Masters here but you might learn a little bit about them and how they function. You can read some of their words and perhaps touch something of the quality behind those words which could help you to make your own link. The Masters are there waiting to guide us but we first have to make the attempt to raise ourselves up to their level. This is because they are spiritual teachers and what they teach is spirituality which is an inner thing, existing above the mental levels with which we are normally familiar. That doesn’t mean they never descend below those levels but that is rare as their aim is to help us become like them so if they do make a more direct approach that is generally because we are at a relatively early stage and can benefit from a little kick start. Their real intent, though, is to establish an inner relationship at the level of the soul, beyond words, beyond thought, beyond the limited self.

‘Meeting the Masters’ is the name of the book that is associated with this blog. It describes how I was contacted by the Masters in 1979 and my experiences with them, principally over the course of the first year of that contact but written with the benefit of twenty one years’ association with them, an association which became gradually less as time went by and which, outwardly at least, ceased in 1999. This blog is for those who might wish to explore further some of the themes of the book.

The Masters communicated with me through the medium of a man who fulfilled a role somewhat similar to that of the Python of the Ancient Greek Mysteries. He was a simple man but he served as a vessel for the gods, as we might justifiably call the Masters in this context, and when overshadowed by them spoke with the voice of divine wisdom. That’s a tall claim but one I believe the results bear out.

If any visitor to this blog would like to ask a question that relates either to the book, the Masters or the spiritual life in general please pose it in the comments section and I will endeavour to answer it to the best of my ability. I do not pretend to be an authority on spiritual matters but I know a little about them, and I have had the advantage of being instructed by those who are.


Bestilland said...

Many Thanks, William, for providing this means of communication for everyone who has been moved or inspired by your book and for the above introduction to your work.I am sure that it will prove invaluable not only for those on the path but also for those who are stumbling or have stumbled as well as those who are moving in ever decreasing circles. I will not specify which of these applies to me.
I am using your book as a handbook for my spiritual work to inform and encourage me but I also welcome the opportunity to ask questions which will help me to further develop my understanding and practice.
We are living in extraordinary times, with exceptional opportunities, which are easy to take for granted, but this does not remove the need to work and persevere. A sure and steady source of advice and encouragement is really paramount.

William Wildblood said...

Thanks for your comment, Bestilland. In turn, I appreciate your encouragement at the start of this project. I make no claims to be a mouthpiece for the Masters because I am no such thing. But I have had the inestimable advantage of being instructed and guided by them, and I consider it a privilege to be able to share that with anyone interested. I hope to learn things myself in the process.

You are absolutely right about the need to work and persevere. In my view, following the spiritual path in a true rather than a dilettante-ish way is the hardest thing we can do. But that is the real purpose for our being in this world and, when all is said and done, it is the only thing that is truly worth doing.

Lily said...

I just found your blog through your recent comment on the Telegraph.
Thank you for putting together this blog and I will look for your book.
After all the wars and suffering of the last century, the news is full of more in this one. Fraud in banking, greed in politicians, massive theft, leaking radiation- global crisis. But I see in all this churned-up earth, seeds being planted, new growth, compassion, creativity, yearning.

I'm just a beginner.

William Wildblood said...

Hello Lily, thank you for visiting the blog and for commenting too. Getting feedback was one of the reasons for starting this blog so it's very welcome.

You're absolutely right about the disintegrating state of this world. It's as if all the muck is coming to the surface. But I think that could be part of a great purifying process, and in one sense it's good because it drives us away from attachment to the world in search of more permanent things. Uncomfortable to live through though!

Please do comment again if you feel you'd like to.

We're all beginners really.

olivier753 said...

Hello i have some questions to ask you , how is it possible to chat with you ? I have sent you a message on facbook i dont know if you there , :)

William Wildblood said...

Hello Olivier

I practically never look at Facebook but you can email me at