Friday, 12 June 2020

White Civilisation Matters

At least, it used to matter.  Now, white civilisation appears content to allow itself to be dismantled bit by bit but once upon a time it produced the greatest art, science, literature, music, philosophy and religion that the human race has known. Other civilisations from Egypt to India to Persia to China to Japan to South and Central America have produced great and wonderful things but none has matched the achievements of the European civilisation which includes the American up to around 1969. Now, however, white civilisation has succumbed to defeatism and seems too enfeebled to stand up to those who would destroy it. Which probably means it is coming to an end.

Why do so many white people, especially young women, join the anti-racist cult because cult is what it is, requiring the abandonment of all other loyalities, including family loyalties, and unquestioning fealty to its dogmas? Apart from the virtue signalling and social status acquired, apart from the peer pressure and misplaced sense of justice, apart from self-hatred, apparently far more common in liberals than conservatives, there is the indoctrinated belief that this is where truth and goodness lie. It's all about empathy, you are told, a feeling to which all other considerations must be subordinated. All generations in their youth seek to distance themselves from the ones that came before and see themselves as more advanced. This is the way the present generation think they can do that though they are not the first by any means. But now that there is no real religion the religious impulse has to seek an outlet elsewhere and morality must be expressed in a different manner. To condemn someone purely on the grounds of skin colour is obviously wrong. Slavery was obviously wrong. But it is very simplistic to think that because of these things all human groups are the same. However, the anti-racists are very simplistic. At least, those swept up in the cult are. The leaders are no doubt skilled in the art of propaganda and manipulation.

There is no excuse for what black people have suffered at the hands of those who have exploited them but there comes a time when you have to take responsibility for yourself and not refer back to past injustice as an explanation for present ills. Black people have been victims but it would be healthier if the community faced up to the reality of itself, starting out with the high levels of criminality among its young men. I would suggest that what the black community really needs now is what all human beings need and that is a strong religion, preferably Christianity. In the absence of that it may find it more difficult to deal with modern life than some other groups, partly because the evolutionary path that has formed it has not best qualified it to live in the kind of world that those whose path has been different have created.

So many articles in the media that even dare criticise the recent riots still qualify their criticism with remarks such as "There is inequality in the UK. There is prejudice, and there are things to be done." This may be so but the problem is that it gives way to the anti-racist narrative from the start, just as the right has done to the left for years which is why it has constantly lost the argument and we have shifted so far leftwards. Despite what you may have been told, white people have made significant efforts to accommodate a very different group of people in their midst. The recent protests and riots sparked off by the death of George Floyd appear cynical attempts to exploit a tragic situation. The agenda of the protest organisers is far more radical than simply drawing attention to black problems with the police, problems which when you actually examine the statistics are hard to put down to simple prejudice*. In fact, today there are strong grounds for saying it is the intolerant anti-racists who spread racial hatred more than anyone else because their stance is fundamentally anti-white. As for inequality, this has existed always and everywhere for many reasons and is less now than it ever has been. It's largely a by-product of freedom. And prejudice may exist privately but it doesn't officially except in certain areas where it is chiefly against whites rather than blacks. If you don't believe that, look at the media. The much criticised white privilege is largely the result of white intelligence, creativity and hard work, an earned privilege if you want to call it privilege, the fruits of which in the form of science, medicine, technology etc all other races take full advantage of. Was it white privilege that created the cathedrals and the Renaissance or that was responsible for Dante, Shakespeare, Mozart, Goethe and literally thousands of others?  If you're unsuccessful, is it always somebody else's fault?

White civilisation established higher values and standards than any other which was the result of its Christian roots and its own genius. These have been built up over centuries but they can be lost very rapidly if we don't make strenuous efforts to preserve them. Order, which is the basis of the universe, can soon descend into disorder, the disorder we see in the riots and which would soon spread throughout society if the protests, which are merely the passive side of the riots, had their way.  People might say that someone like me has never suffered from the prejudice that is directed against black people. True and I don't condone bad behaviour in any form but, as I said in the previous post, officially sanctioned prejudice ended in 1965. Besides, it might be countered that many indigenous English men and women have seen their country turned into a place in which they no longer feel they belong. And not a better place.

However, my interest is not political or nationalistic but spiritual and I write from that perspective. So let me conclude this piece by saying it is not actually white civilisation that matters but the higher standards and values that this civilisation established and developed over several centuries. I don't see the protestors against white civilisation capable of taking up the challenge of preserving, upholding and deepening these values and standards. What I do see is many who would lose them in the name of an anti-racism which, in its zeal for levelling and pulling down, destroys the hierarchy of truth on which cosmic order is based.

* There are all sorts of statistics to do with violent crime and murder, all pointing in the same direction. Here's one. In 2008 in America young black males representing about 1% of the population counted for 27% of all homicide offenders. The corresponding figures for young white men were 6% and 16%, a vast difference which really cannot all be explained away by respective environments even though that clearly has something to do with it. 


edwin faust said...

"I don't see the protestors against white civilisation capable of taking up the challenge of preserving, upholding and deepening these values and standards." -

It is not just a question of incapacity but of a lack of interest. To be fair, the vitality of what is generally called Western culture (White civilization) ran out a long time ago, so it is difficult to fault people for not reverencing that which they never experienced as an integral part of life. I grew up in the Catholic Church in the 1950s and early 1960s. All the forms of previous generations were still intact, but the meaning had been hollowed out, which is why Vatican II succeeded so easily in sweeping aside what had been built up through so many centuries. There is a tendency to reify - turn into a noun, so to speak - that which can only survive as a verb, a dynamism. When the values of a culture are no longer lived, they become museum pieces. And nobody really loves being in a museum for too long a time. A quick visit satisfies whatever curiosity exists, then we're ready to step back into the sunlight of the day and real life. Black people in Western societies are, in many cases, displaced persons. Many are constitutionally unable to acclimate to the habits and values that translate into material success, although they want to rewards of such success and are told they are denied them because of racial prejudice. A cursory examination of facts would show this to be false, but who is now interested in facts? And since the cultus (Christianity) of Western culture has been lost, it can no longer stand against the assaults of its malcontent minorities, especially as these are now aided by a decadent ruling class and a guilt-ridden middle class that locates whatever morality it still possesses in its self-flagellation. Christianity, in the forms we have known it, has lost its influence and been co-opted by the Left, as you have often pointed out. No coherent view of life has replaced it. We are in a period of chaos, socially and religiously, and what is to come now cannot be foreseen.

William Wildblood said...

Another excellent comment. Thanks edwin.

Epimetheus said...

Well said. It seems that the central paradigm of Leftism ie. "I'm unhappy because of other people, the oppressors," is too tantalizing to resist for unhappy people. Once this mindset is accepted, all counter-arguments are easily batted aside - "You disagree with us because you're one of the oppressors" - and introspection itself becomes their enemy.

When defeating the oppressors inevitably fails to produce happiness (or even an end to inner pain), the Leftist is presented with a choice between repentance/metanoia or doubling down. They choose the latter every time. And the political Right gets swallowed by the same dynamic, and all the accumulating unhappiness of modern civilization only empowers the feedback loop.

The only way out seems to be an act of responsibility: "I am largely responsible for my own unhappiness."

As you say, none of this would be so bad if the rioters were actually good at heart. It's too bad that modern Leftism didn't continue with the more positive possibilities back in the 60s and 70s.

Andrew said...

I suspect something like what happened in Rhodesia, or what is unofficially permitted in South Africa, will be the short-term future. Things will be seized and people murdered in the name of fighting the oppressors, but it will just result in greater problems, food shortages, etc.

Except this time there will be no America to airdrop food supplies, because it will be happening in America.