Sunday, 25 August 2019

What Is the Devil Most Seeking to Destroy?

I think it is the natural order of being. If this were still intact our spiritual loss would not be so grave and would be relatively easily recoverable. But once it is undermined, as now, anything goes. When we are separated from our own human nature and regard said separation as progress then we are indeed lost souls heading for destruction in one way or another.

The devil has sought to dismantle hierarchy which is the basis upon which the universe is built, the greater having its place in the scheme of things and the lesser having its own, maybe not equally important, but still vital place. This hierarchical destruction includes the erosion of spiritual authority, the attack on the natural order with regard to male and female, old and young, intellectual and instinctual, the destruction of the sense of transcendence, the relativisation of values of higher and lower, more and less evolved and so on.  All done in the name of equality which is a false concept, existing only at the level of absolute oneness which is an abstract level of pure theory. Creation itself depends on an initial inequality and imbalance for without that nothing could be, the nature of being requiring separation and difference which means that things must be particular things. The search for equality is ultimately a search to return cosmic order to primeval chaos.

Hierarchy can be abused, become inflexible and corrupted. All levels have their rights and their duties, both of which can be ignored or forgotten. But a properly functioning hierarchy is essential for a properly functioning civilisation with its roots in heaven and potential for growth in this world. Spiritual hierarchy sees all men as brothers but knows there are older and younger brothers who all live under one Father God and one Mother Nature. This union of spirit and matter produces souls, and souls all have individuality. Individuality is the opposite of equality which exists only in the ant hill and, actually, not even there.

The devil is far advanced along his path of the destruction of the natural order of being. This time he has acted not by overt force as in the two World Wars but by persuading a softened-up humanity (softened up by the rejection of God and an intelligence uncoupled from wisdom) that moral goodness means recognising everyone as equal, whatever they are, because we are all human beings. But this denies the soul for it is the soul that gives quality to life. We who live in a quantitative age, in which the transcendent is denied and the material seen as all there is, matter being the principle of quantity, are unable to perceive quality, not proper quality at any rate. Therefore we are ripe for the picking. And picked we will be unless we start to wake up and no longer allow ourselves to be led astray by ideas that might sound reasonable on the surface but deny the deeper parts of our nature.

When God is denied spiritual truth, which is basically truth itself, is lost. God doesn't force himself on us if we don't want him so he might be said to be at his weakest at this time. However, when the devil is denied he can be at his strongest because we take no precautions against him and easily fall into his traps which are just as effective against the clever as against the foolish. In fact, they are more effective against the clever, who are never as clever as they think they are, if they are not inoculated against error by some kind of genuine religious understanding. The foolish at least have instinct. The foolish would never think a man was a woman or that it's a sin to love your own sort above others. 

We need to protect ourselves against the devil, both individually and collectively. Collectively requires religion which is now more or less moribund in most parts of the world and, where it exists, so undermined by political attitudes that its spiritual power is minimal. But we can protect ourselves individually and since this is a time when we are called upon to make the search for God within ourselves and our own minds (which does not negate the communal aspect but that is not longer sufficient if we are to take the next step), I will focus on that.

It's actually quite simple. The most important things are prayer and humility, as has always been known. But right up there with those two, especially today, is discrimination. The ability to judge. To judge between real good and real evil, not surface-level good and evil. To judge between the truth and lies, and to see the latter plainly, however cunningly it has been dressed up to look attractive. If this is too vague and abstract for you then I would say take Christ as your yardstick, and the whole of Christ not selected bits. 

Nowadays we emphasise Christ the merciful but he was judgemental too, sometimes very much so, and if you don't believe that go back to your Bible. He was judgemental because he knew that we try to sneak into heaven carrying our sins with us but that simply won't work. Sins are like heavy spiritual weights that will drag us down. So Christ was judgemental precisely because he was merciful. True mercy does not pander to darkness just so as not to have to be unpleasant. The devil knows how to use mercy to advance his agenda which is why it always has to be balanced with judgement or discrimination. The opposite is the case too, of course.


Anonymous said...

That’s it in a nutshell. One can witness the attack on the natural order, the divine nature of things, dharma if you will, in almost every action taken by the powers that be. A constant bombardment of the perversion nature and reality denial. Satan hates the natural order. The natural order is portrayed as oppressive and tyrannical. The drive for equality is the key. In order to portray things that are fundamentally different as equal, their true nature must be denied, perverted, disintegrated. This is what we are witnessing. It’s no accident, it’s strategic.

And yes, when our ability to discriminate is suppressed, we lose our ability to exercise judgement and thereby defend ourselves against transgression.

And again you hit the nail on the head when you state that mercy is being used against us, as is virtue in general. They care nothing for our virtue and ethics as they have none and our ethics and virtues are used against us. Tolerance is another keyword here. They would take away our ability to discriminate between what should be tolerated and what should not. To different Kent between natural and perverse. Good and evil.

Rarely read a piece with which I can agree more wholeheartedly. Yes collectively there is no longer a unified functioning religion, but it’s greatly encouraging to know that there are likeminded individuals out there and that we are not alone.

Sean Fowler.

William Wildblood said...

Thanks for your comment Sean. It is certainly the case that evil today advances by disguising itself as good but a rightly ordered mind should be able to see this without too much trouble if it acknowledges the reality of God.

Bruce Charlton said...

A pertinent question. I think what They try to destroy is something very fundamental to do with our capacity to evaluate.

This is necessary for the powers of evil, I think, because it is often difficult to induce souls to choose damnation; therefore They must create a very elaborate 'hoax' by which Good and evil are inverted - and people reject Good because they regard it as evil, and vice versa.

I think this is the root reason for the fake world (the 'virtuality' - virtual reality) we inhabit - if people can be induced to regard the fake (mass media, propaganda etc) as more real than real-reality, which most people seem already to do; then the powers of evil have won.

William Wildblood said...

Yes, I think you're right Bruce. This probably couldn't have happened in earlier, simpler times before too much education made us think in terms of abstractions.

Sean fowler said...

Yes the destruction of the capacity to evaluate. Exactly that. The inversion of good and evil leading to self chosen damnation, the greatest prize for evil. Makes sense. A battle for our souls. Essential to understand this.

Yet among those of religious and intellectual persuasions there is a tendency to trivialize the material. As individuals, collectives and nations we are composed of body mind and spirit all of which are under attack by the mechanisms, among others, described in Williams post. Each need to be kept intact for the good of the soul the collective and national spirit.

There are parallels to be drawn with the Soviet Union and what we see happening now to our continent people and nations. It’s as if we are watching a new and improved sequel. They’ve honed and perfected their methods. Instead of a gulags a mind prison archipelago, instead of state run propaganda a monstrous MSM pumping out false reality intent on creating resentment, confusion and above all division. Nations being destroyed sucked into one vast super nation. The great difference is that we are not being lead at gun point, but actively embracing, begging for our destruction believing this to be an act of extreme virtue. The slaughter of priests Christians and the burning of churches? No need for that weve been programmed to do that ourselves that ourselves. Non violently of course.

The parallels are endless, but there is one great difference. They learnt that no matter how fearful oppressed and enslaved the individual nationsof the Soviet Union were, they maintained their identities through decades of destruction and oppression. And the spring recoiled, the pressure cooker blew, they bounced back. They will not allow this to happen again. Through coercively engineered migration we are being diluted and replaced as a people. There will if they have their way be few who identify as British left. The last vestiges of western Christianity will be gone. This is deliberate.

So evil is seeking to destroy the people of western nations and this too is extremely important. Otherwise it would not be putting such an enormous amount of energy into it. This is an attack on body mind and spirit and we ignore the individual, indivisible components of the whole at our peril.

What to do?

William Wildblood said...

It is as you say but it is important to realise they can't win. They can do great damage to the souls of those who allow them to do that but they cannot win except in the short term. Ultimately we are in the hands of God and we only have to have faith and hope and all will be well.