Saturday, 27 July 2019

Mass Immigration

Does the mass immigration that has taken place in the West over the last 60 years, gathering considerable pace over the last 25, have a spiritual purpose or is it intended to effectively destroy the traditions of the West by dissolving the sense of national identity and connection to the past, and then construct a new culture based exclusively on secular/liberal principles?  

First of all, what would any spiritual purpose be? I can think of two potential ones. It could be to introduce and establish the idea that humanity is one. We are all brothers and sisters with divisions external only. Of course, this is the popular trope and, because nothing is based on nothing, it has much truth to it. Which necessarily makes it harder to argue against. But is it so true that it overrides all other truths or does it need to be counterbalanced by less generalised considerations?

Then there is the idea which is summed up by something the Masters once told me that sometimes the less evolved can only advance through the sacrifice of the more evolved. This also makes sense because (I'm speaking frankly here) the less civilised groups and races can often only progress by mixing with the more developed. This is a hard fact that takes no notice of anyone's pride, self-image or sensitivities.

Set against this the reality that when you do add a large number of people of a lower culture with those more advanced you run the risk of bringing down the higher culture. This understanding was the rationale behind the Indian caste system, and often when it has occurred in the past it has seen the collapse of a civilisation.  I'm not going to argue about the words lower and higher.  If you don't accept that these describe something real, you are blinding yourself to reality for ideological reasons. That the lower may have things the higher lacks is beside the point and no excuse for ignoring the essential superiority of the higher. Some animals are faster or stronger than man but that doesn't alter human superiority. To those who say it is merely the degree of adaptation to environment that can objectively determine whether something is better or worse, I would ask do you really think an ant is equal to a man or a shark to Shakespeare?  It is consciousness that indicates what is higher or lower, and the degree to which that can respond to and express higher realities. Naturally this statement implies the existence of higher realities but I am not writing for materialists here but for those who think a little more deeply about life and what it is. Materialism is just an excuse not to accept your spiritual responsibilities.

Western civilisation was more advanced than any other, scientifically, artistically and even spiritually because, despite the highly developed Indian and Chinese cultures, the West had Christianity. But it lost its way when it abandoned God and that meant that all its advances elsewhere became worthless, just cosmetic decorations covering up emptiness. However, the West did develop something that was supposed to be the next evolutionary step forwards, and that was the sense of the individual.  If this could have been harnessed to the spiritual impulse centred in Christ then great advances could have been made. Men could really have started to have become gods just as Jesus promised. Christ could have been born in us, not just in the popular religious sense which really just refers to belief in Jesus as saviour, but Christ himself in the sense that we would start to become him.  "Whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do greater things." But this was derailed by human weakness, selfishness, stupidity and greed, not to forget demonic subversion. So now we have individualistic atheism on the one hand or, on the other, spirituality seen either as a personal quest for enlightenment (the New Age sort) or existing in the form of conventional religion with God envisaged as basically separate from humanity. Neither of these represents the true path which is found by recognising that God is within the human soul but accessed through Christ.

This spiritual advance I describe can still take place on an individual level but, given the wrong turning taken by humanity over the last 200 years, that is the only level on which it can now happen. Quite probably this is all that was ever expected, going by predictions of the end times and the profound spiritual loss that would occur then. It also makes sense, given the nature of the new spirituality, that it must be forged and won on an individual basis. It is not gained by participation in a group but in the depths of one's own soul. It is a lonely quest but one that will eventually bring a person to union with God.

Back to immigration, mass immigration, that is, which is a completely different beast to small amounts of incoming people relatively easily absorbed by the host population without suffering dramatic change. Is it spiritually progressive or damaging? It has clearly been forced on Western countries by their elites, those on the (economic) right wanting cheap labour and those on the left wanting to damage traditional ideas of the nation and get more voters for themselves. So the motives for it are largely negative even if advocates can point to the willingness of immigrants to do jobs the populace are reluctant to do (for low wages) and bring skills that governments have neglected to train for sufficiently in the indigenous population.

The heavily pushed multicultural diversity might have both creative and destructive elements but generally it tends to bring short-term and relatively superficial gains in the sense of novelty and 'exotic' stimulation, but long-term losses of cultural depth and stability. Of course, much depends on how and how well all these elements are integrated and whether clashing attitudes can be reconciled without spiritual harm. But to view everything on the basis of equality as we are supposed to do now is clearly a grave mistake since it means the lower is not acknowledged as such and will therefore impact on the higher, also not acknowledged as such, to the latter's great detriment.

It is evident that the past is dead. We will not progress in a more or less unbroken line as has largely been the case before with Christianity the binding thread. But whether something new will emerge from the current tumult or whether it will lead to chaos and destruction remains to be seen. This could be a divine experiment but it is safe to say that, if it is, it has been captured and exploited by evil powers. That having been said, the ends that God is seeking to bring about may be realised anyway. We cannot know what those ends are. What we can do is remain faithful to the truth and not allow ourselves to be led astray by the illusion of modernity. Indeed, that may be the point of the whole thing. To test for those who can maintain true vision at a time of universal lies and deceit.

I realise I haven't answered the question I posed at the beginning of this piece. Before I do let me first say that, good or bad, mass immigration has been hugely enabled by modern technology which has provided easy access to everywhere from anywhere. And then it has been facilitated by the loss of confidence in its own way of the West, not to mention the sentimentality caused by a femininisation of attitudes. This immigration either has or soon will destroy the nations as they were, but then we are approaching the end of a major cycle and several minor cycles are also ending. 

What I am saying is that mass immigration was probably inevitable. It is part of a general dissolution of everything prior to a new beginning. This does not mean it contains the seeds of a new beginning in itself. I see its purpose as largely destructive, though it may have benefits for the people involved on both sides as outlined above. But it represents a summing up and a conclusion of the past, and the new will arise from another, a spiritual, source. So the way to look at it is as a symptom and a consequence of the Kali Yuga. It is the triumph of materialism which we must expect at the end of an age. Is it good or bad? I'm not sure either of these words apply in the ordinary sense in this case. It is a phase in a cycle that comes as that cycle approaches its conclusion.


Francis Berger said...

This is an interesting and well-written exploratory piece, William. I completely agree with your point about the developmental step in Christianity the West refused/failed to take 200 years ago. This missed/squandered opportunity truly is the source of our current malaise - in this sense, yes, perhaps mass migration is inevitable, just like demographic decline.

Mass migration is a massive issue here in Hungary and Eastern/Central Europe. Most people here are staunchly against it and the governments in this part of Europe are fighting it tooth and nail. Whether or not they succeed in stemming the migration tide here over time remains to be seen. If they do, it could create two distinct Europes on one continent and, perhaps, two distinct destinies - very much like during the Cold War years, but perhaps in a spiritual/cultural rather than physical/ideological sense.

In any case, good post. Few have the courage to sincerely tackle this topic the way you have here.

William Wildblood said...

Thanks Francis. If a people try to maintain their cultural integrity these days they are called racist but that's just a weasel word intended for emotional manipulation. Western Europe has been pretty much taken apart now. I hope the rest of the continent can hold out but there are going to be huge forces trying to undermine it. The tricky thing will be to strike a balance between proper self-determination and not being provoked into genuine racial hatreds. That, I believe, is the position the left is trying to force the right into. It's important not to react to the provocation.

I've written a bit more about this which I will put up tomorrow.

Eric said...

What distinguishes higher from lower beings is the depth of the soul and the degree of conscious individuality. Animals for example, may have individual personality, but they only have group souls. The intelligence of an ant colony is vastly superior to that of an individual unconscious ant. In humans, the opposite may be the case. The west managed to transcend tribalism through outbreeding and Christianity, but with mass immigration we can see Europe plummeting into group dynamics. So the spiritual purpose of mass immigration and leftist ideology may be to strip people of their "I", and reabsorb us into unconscious groupmentality through unhinged collectivism. Therefore preventing individual salvation. In this way people will lose their spiritual self esteem and personal agency, and blindly accept the dictates of the impersonal machine. Society will be charachterized by legalistic obedience and moral anarchy a.k.a freedom (the opposite of Christian virtue). You can already see the 'machine' reflected in the empty eyes of many ideologues, in the same way the pure eyes of a baby reflect a world beyond it when the I has not yet descended.

William Wildblood said...

In talking of spiritual purpose I was trying to be even-handed and look at all possibilities but I think my real opinion came through and it is the same as yours.

The purpose of mass immigration is anti-spiritual. It can hardly be doubted. Look at the people pushing it. There are a lot of people possessed by evil now but because they are possessed by evil in the form of ideas rather than entities it is not so obvious.