Friday, 8 February 2019

A Call to Arms

What we need now is a loud blast of the celestial trumpet, the volume, tone and full-on presence of which will cut through all our self-serving lies, deceptions and hypocrisies, and leave us nowhere to hide. We are sinking in a swamp of illusion because there is no love in us. We may think we are kind and loving because we believe in the fiction of equality (or we are told to believe in it by our betters), but we have no love for truth. You may ask, what is truth?  You will start to know it when you open yourself up to the reality of the transcendent and don't approach life through the distorting lens of the ego.

Added note: Reading this back it seems rather over the top. My only excuse is that an image suddenly popped into my head of a trumpet blast from the heavens suddenly calling everyone to attention. It was so loud and so obviously not of this world that people on earth were given no chance whatsoever to dismiss it. It showed us all up for what we really are. And I wrote this down without thinking about it.

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