Thursday, 31 January 2019


Notwithstanding the fact that I consider leaving (or staying in) the European Union to be a bit of side issue, all things considered, I've put a few thoughts about it on Albion Awakening

What I mean by 'side issue' is that it doesn't really matter whether Britain is in or out as long as we continue with our materialistic way of life. I have no doubt that the EU as a body is antipathetic to any real spiritual awakening because of its imposition of a sort of universalist, bland humanitarianism which it cheekily calls 'European values' but which is actually just a false substitute for real spirituality from which it borrows some of the external trappings. But nothing can change at a fundamental level, which is what it needs to do, without a widespread repentance or metanoia which means more or less the same thing but implies, to me at any rate,  a deeper conversion and greater willingness to submit to the necessary scouring of the soul.

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