Sunday, 29 July 2018

Truth and Madness

In today's topsy-turvy world anyone who speaks the truth risks being condemned as a bad person. By the same token, a clever, fluent liar can be praised and rewarded. 

It's often hard to tell if a person is mad or bad. Certainly, the present time is largely insane. The denial of God is the denial of truth at the most fundamental level and from that denial come many bad things as must be the case since, if your first principles are evil, what results from them will inevitably be so too.

If you give yourself over to falsehood is that just because you have made an honest mistake as you lack sufficient information to make the right choice? Or is there something in you which is directing you away from truth for its own ends? Something that makes you believe what it wants you to believe? That would be the prideful ego which wants complete autonomy. It believes what sustains and reinforces its own reality and agenda, regardless of truth which is not its primary concern.

In this sense, madness and badness go together. I'm not taking about genuine mental illness here but about the mind's ability to pervert reality for its own sinful purposes, often to do with pride. Sin then leads to insanity and this is the state of the world today.  

Political correctness, which is the modern secular substitute for religion, is a form of soft fascism which attempts to control thought. To go along with it is not simple good manners, as is often claimed, but submission to totalitarian authoritarianism. This is certainly not a reason ever to be offensive. But you need to retain your freedom of intellect and will or else you will be dominated by a false god who seeks to usurp the rightful place of the true one.

There is only one truth and that is good, but evil always wants to take its place. Submission to truth is freedom but if you submit to an ideology posing as truth, you are enslaved.

There is currently a force in the world that is trying, and largely succeeding, to seduce the human soul into accepting lies as truth and evil as good. One of the ways it does this is through the promotion of equality as the highest good. If you don't believe all human beings are equal, you are a bad person. What this is doing is transposing facts that are real on the spiritual plane to the material one where they do not apply. It is also isolating one aspect of reality which should more accurately be seen in conjunction with another and not on its own. In fact, in the realm of creation, oneness or equality goes together with many-ness or quality. Human beings are never equal in expression. They are at different stages of development and different degrees of openness to God. The human soul is a unity in a hierarchy that stretches through all levels of the created order with the human being unique in this world in that it can, through Christ, participate in the life of its creator.

Most contemporary people are, whether they realise it or not, nihilists. A minority have actively and consciously rejected real goodness and truth, which are spiritual (they must be if they are to be real), and set up material imitations. The majority have simply followed this. But all human beings have an inner connection to God, and if you fail to acknowledge this it is because of a spiritual defect within you. Whether you call this madness or badness is immaterial. Ultimately it amounts to the same thing. The only way back is through repentance which is why the message now must be the same as it was at the time of John the Baptist. Repent and wake up to the reality of God. But do not make the mistake of seeing God in terms of this world as so many religious people now do. If you do then you have not woken up at all. Know yourself to be a spiritual being, not this earthly personality with its earthly goals and priorities. See this world entirely in the light of the reality of God.

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