Thursday, 14 June 2018

The Tragedy of Feminism

Feminism has poisoned womanhood and the tragedy is so few women see it because they have exchanged their birthright for the appearance of power so they think they are better off.

I am well aware that in making such a comment many people will dismiss me as a reactionary old bigot. It might also seem an ungallant thing to say, though I would say it is precisely the opposite since it seeks to defend femininity against the contemporary assault on it. But, anyway, I am not condemning women for feminism. There is a case to be made that they are the chief victims of it and, whatever its apparent material benefits for them, it is also spiritually disastrous in that it encourages pride, egotism and the rejection of nature. 

The real question, though, is why did feminism arise, and I would point to two principal causes. It is no coincidence that the female rebellion against the male followed the male rebellion against God. When the order of being starts to be overturned from the top then anything goes. If you take away the foundation of truth then truth will crumble. The rest of the building will start to fall down.

The second factor behind the rise of feminism was the irresponsibility of men. If they had honoured and respected women as women, and, while not wanting to dominate, remained true to their masculine role as leader, then women would not have reacted against womanhood.

In making these claims it should not be overlooked that feminism is also, in part, connected to the rise of self-awareness and the (necessary) development in the human being of greater individual agency. From this perspective, it is a good thing and a sign of progress. But it was derailed early on and led away from the direction in which it should have gone to one quite different. Even so the fact that there is an evolutionary good in it (and there is, it's not wholly wrong) should not blind us to the reality that this good has been hijacked and corrupted.

You are born male or female but you have to become a man or a woman. These are archetypal roles which have their lower and higher expressions ranging from biological to spiritual. Neither sex is currently fulfilling that task as it should because neither sex sees itself in the light of God. Consequently, each looks for material and personal self-fulfillment, and that alone.  But men and women can only reach their proper potential and manifest their true being when they turn to God. Unfortunately we have first rejected the Creator and then rejected the natural order that he created. Feminism is a betrayal of the true feminine because it seeks to remake one sex according to the template of the other. Like many falsehoods today it justifies itself by the dogma of equality but God did not make men and women equal. He made them men and women, and our task must be to find full and proper expression as a man or woman. If one sex tries to imitate the other, the whole balance of nature is lost.

Satan knows that if he can corrupt women men will follow. He's done this before and he is using the same tactics now. On the first occasion the man was weak and betrayed the trust placed in him by his Maker. Unfortunately, it looks as though that is happening again. The answer is not for the male to assert himself in a domineering or aggressive way but for him to refuse the lie on the one hand and uphold the reality of God on the other. Harmony can only be restored when the foundation of all truth and reality is recognized and given its rightful place.


John Fitzgerald said...

A very clear and accurate exposition of the truth. When put as well as this the truth seems so obvious and natural that it's astonishing to look around and see how far 'the great and the good' in our society are from it. Something's gone very badly awry. Our civilisation is rotten from the head down. This piece should be posted to the editors of the 4 UK 'quality papers' without delay. It'll be interesting to observe their reaction.

William Wildblood said...

Thank you John. Regarding your last point, bafflement, incomprehension and disdain is my guess! It's a question of radically different metaphysics. If your root assumptions are wrong, as theirs will be, everything that grows out of that will also be wrong.

Eric - said...

Well put, it seems so obvious when you state it like that. Yet this form of direct, intutitive, NON-social, archetypal reasoning is clouded by modern abstractions and socialized circumventions that float away from real reality. It seems like human endeavours can ultimately only be fully explained when you take into account the religious dimension. I always felt the same way about feminism. Grand theories mismatched by a neurotic reality. Still, I don't think men should react negatively to feminism at all. There is some real witchcraft out there and better not get caught in the net. We must transcend the duality of opposition!

Eric - said...

It's better always to provide a better example and show love. JESUS taught me that!

William Wildblood said...

You're right that one shouldn't react negatively to feminism, Eric, in the sense of let antagonistic emotions arise. It's rather like resist not evil. But one should still point out its flaws. After all Jesus did that with what was wrong with the world in his day as did all the prophets. One should do this mainly to support those who sense something is wrong but can't express exactly what due to the extensive propaganda and social engineering that goes on. This is more important than trying to convince the opposition who won't be convinced anyway.

Bruce Charlton said...

@william - Good discussion.

One obvious way that it can be seen that feminism is bad, is that it is incoherent - repeatedly changing its ground. In other words, it is dishonest - and that becomes very explicit when it comes to the 'evidence' cited to support the idea that women are oppressed.

For example the 'gender gap' in pay (women supposedly paid less than men for the same work) is a calculated lie, created by dishonest statistics and false comparison.

The irony is that women are, and nearly-always have been, the *favoured* sex overall (with a few obvious, non-Western exceptions); and that is how most people have wanted it and still do. Men, by contrast - esepcially low status men - are, and always have been, regarded as 'disposible' by society (prusumably somewhat due to the biological disposibility of low status men).

Eric - said...

Yeah, I was thinking of my personal experience with radical feminists. I do not argue against them rather I listen to them and sort of talk through it which works better than radically opposing them since it means hitting a brick wall of emotionality. But I prefer to stay away from politics. I've encounted enough of them to know that it's some sort of Witchcraft. It's something in their eyes, as of the radical Left in general. When the ideology "kicks in" they become cyborgs with an almost inhuman gaze who serve someone else. I have seen it, and I cannot unsee it. Especially women seem seem susceptible to this "hacking" force.

I guess it comes down to being Respons-ible rather than Re-active. Very urgent times indeed.

William Wildblood said...

Feminism is very anti-Christian as well, like all leftist ideologies, but it seems to me that it was Christianity that honoured and valued the female sex more than anything else. But it did so without bringing in the destructive fantasy of equality. (Destructive because it replaces a harmonious and creative interaction between the sexes with a competitive rivalry).

William Wildblood said...

There may be something in what you say, Eric. It is like a kind of mind parasite or even possession.

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