Tuesday, 14 November 2017


In the present intellectual climate everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion and everyone's opinion is more or less equally valid. But, in fact, it is always assumed that your opinion must be within the parameters of secular humanism to be considered acceptable.

I have a different view. Yes, of course everyone is entitled to their opinion since God gave us free will and we are allowed to exercise it. However to think all opinions are equally valid is nonsense. Clearly those opinions that are founded on a greater knowledge of reality than those that are not are worth more. Equally clearly those opinions which come from disinterested motive and pure hearts are worth more than those which arise from self interested motive which many opinions do though this is not always acknowledged. For instance, the demand for the expression of full personal freedom lies behind many opinions. As does the denial of God which is often based on the pride of the denier.

So no, not all opinions can be considered equal. Some approximate to truth which exists objectively and some just correspond to a personal prejudice. As always we need to examine the heart and motivation of the person proffering an opinion before we decide whether his opinion is worth anything.

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