Thursday, 23 June 2016

A Devilish Masterplan

This may seem a bit of foolishness but it has a serious side to it. Obviously anyone who does anything like this owes a debt to C.S. Lewis.

Some time ago one of the chief devils and his advisers sat down to work out how they might best mislead humanity. "For a start we need to destroy Christianity." said one. "No doubt" sneered another "but how do we do that?"

They thought for a moment and then one of them said. "To begin with, we need to divide it to make it weaker. Didn't someone once talk about a house divided amongst itself? Then we can attack it with its own weapons".
"How does that work?"
"We emphasise the purely worldly and social aspects of it and push the spiritual aspects to the background. Pretty soon the social aspects will seem all important and the spiritual ones will only have relevance in the light of those, and then they will cease to have any relevance at all."

"Not bad" said the chief. "What next?"
"We'll get some of their thinkers to start expressing doubts about the reality of absolute truth. First of all, whether you can know it and then, when that's done, whether it exists at all. Take things in stages so they don't notice what's happening. That way they will eventually accept what they would never have dreamed of accepting at the beginning of the process. So we'll get their clever people to say that the only things we can know are what appear to us through our senses. Anything else is just theoretical and has no intrinsic reality. Before you know it they'll be thinking that there are no absolutes and everything is relative and that will make them feel that nothing means anything. Which of course is true"
"Give me more".
"We'll inspire them to question the reality of their own creation. We know that some aspects of life are left to chance because of the absurd plan of the tyrant and his ridiculous penchant for freedom. We'll get them to focus exclusively on those and ignore the main elements of the process which they can't uncover with their puny intelligence left to its own devices anyway. This will flatter their sense of self-importance and make them feel they direct their own future instead of, as we know, that little task being our concern."
"More. More"
"We'll make them reject the idea of higher and lower or better and worse in the name of an imagined unity, equality and fairness. They are mostly unable to hold two apparently paradoxical ideas in their minds at the same time anyway so that should be easy. We'll over-emphasise one side of the question and take it out of context, and that will make them reject the other side. We know that when you remove the idea of anything higher from the mix everything settles down nicely to a fairly low level which suits us very well."
" All right, but I want more."
"What about attacking the family and eroding the difference between man and woman? The first gives them too much security and a sense of deep rootedness. They shouldn't have security as it provides them with a nasty inner strength and confidence in stupidities like tradition, and they mustn't have strong roots so they're more easily manipulated. As for the men and women thing, well, haven't we always wanted to deviate nature and turn it against itself? Don't we delight in corruption? Once men and women start to see themselves as fundamentally the same they will lose any connection to an inner life. Then they will regard each other in a competitive light instead of being able to cooperate harmoniously in a complementary fashion as they were originally designed to do. Eugh! Of course, ever since that splendid victory in the Garden we've already made them fight but we can do much better."

"Persuade them that anything done in the name of love is good and if someone disputes that then they are a wicked and unloving person." said another.
"Attack their culture." said one more. " Destroy the sense of beauty and so called truth in their foul works of art. Let them see our more heroic truth in all its glorious abandonment of strait-laced convention and embracing of  the real freedom to do anything you want".
"Corrupt their music" said another. " We know that music can serve us or the enemy, and it affects humans and the way they think and feel in a powerful way. Make it serve us! We want noise and more noise!"

The chief devil considered the matter for a while. "All these ideas have some merit. I congratulate myself on giving you the hints to come up with them. But they are not enough. The enemy will undoubtedly send people to counter them. We need to do more. We need to inspire those humans who respond to us and make them think they are advancing the cause of humanity. We need to make humans believe that their salvation relies on progress in their world, on material progress and more knowledge to bend nature to their will. Give them lots of things to distract them,  then they will more easily be ours. Excite them with sex and more sex and get them to overlook what it's really for. That's always been easy but once we remove those bigoted and unnatural religious constraints it will be even easier. We need to foster atheism and materialism, of course, but we also need to infect their spiritual ideas with our own sweet additions that will poison the mix. We will send some of our disciples to lead astray those humans who are sensitive to spiritual matters but who also have their own ambitions and agendas which are ultimately more important to them. Wherever the enemy has his people we will attack relentlessly. We can sometimes bring them down through their desire for recognition or power. Many of them will resist us but many won't. We will prove to the enemy that our decision was the right one. I want souls! Get to work!"

The meeting closed and the devils went about their business. Far away in heaven the armies of light prepared themselves for the fight ahead. They knew that victory would eventually be theirs, of that there was no doubt, but they also knew there was a battle for souls to be had. Each individual human being was infinitely precious to their Master but each one had to make his or her own decision.


David Balfour said...

"but each one had to make his or her own decision..."

I think this truth itself has been subverted as well and now used as a tool against us. It seems todays vote for EU has been deliberately used as a divisive wedge issue to foster feelings of fear, resentment, mutual mistrust and compulsory mud-slinging amongst the masses. In the end I opted not to get involved despite my gut inclination to leave. It seems like voting really is a rotten a process as Bruce once blogged. All I can see if a mixture of emotional reasoning and prejudices based on shifting ground, fear-mongering and impossibls economic crystal ball gazing as well very little actual facts to base it on. And yet everyone I know is *certain* that staying in the EU is moral obligation and progressive stance. They are as certain of this as they are that there is no God, that they will cease to exist at death and that the Universe is founded on complete randomness. But despite this staying in the EU is still progressing somewhere undeniably utopian?! But then you ask what the aimed at end point is for all the politics and what anyon actually wants to create by the political process in the long run and they dont know and seem confused by the question?

Whatever these imagined devils are doing they are doing an excellent job it seems. I can only assume the good guys have a contingency plan but frankly I feel totally bewildered as to how the good guys will be able to fix this mess in the long-run.

William Wildblood said...

I wasn't actually thinking of the referendum when I wrote about making one's own decision. It was to do with accepting or denying God. But the points you make are very valid. The political process has become so soiled and rooted in nastiness one wants nothing to do with it. People have no centre if they have no God so they seek a centre somewhere whether that be the EU or not the EU. But there is no truth in any of it.

The 'good guys' certainly have their own plan but they don't interfere with free will. There is truth and there are lies and the choice is up to us. We have the truth inscribed in our hearts but because of the fallen ego with which we identify it we often reject it.

David Balfour said...

Yes. I know you were not referring to EU and I agree with your comment. I just feel very sad to see that this referendum has almost certainly been thrust upon us and then exploited to create divisiveness. Just looking at the comments on facebook today is very upsetting and polarised. It is making me feel very Socratic and to ask: Is democracy a good way to make decisions?! Even seems certain it is and these same people are horrified when the system they doggedly defend produces a result they dont like. But still this will udoubtedly have no effect on the unquestioning assumption that democracy is the best possible ideal to be exported and ironically *imposed* by western nations on other nations. How can one of todays comments to the effect that 'leaving the EU is a blow to democracy' even make any sense if the decision to do so has purportedly been made as the result of a democratic election? In the end I did not vote but this makes no sense.

William Wildblood said...

I didn't vote either because I saw it as a lose-lose situation. Unfortunately there seems to be so much anger and almost hatred as a consequence that I do worry for the future, especially as the result was so close in percentage terms. It points to a real split in the country and what use is sovereignty when people look at each other in such a way? I think this is why we have to be in the world but not of it, detached from all this sort of thing. The trouble is when you have children you have to be invested in the future in some way. But you also have to have faith in God and know that, on the level that really matters, things are working out as they should and all will be well if you really do strive to accord your heart with divine truth.