Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Reincarnation addendum

I was talking in the previous post about the need to experience life in a physical body, and thinking about what could be learned in the physical world that might not be available elsewhere in the spiritual universe. Walking down the street earlier today it occurred to me that one thing that is available here that might not be elsewhere in a purer or truer plane of existence is the ability to deceive.

Let me explain. It is a truism of this world that appearance is not reality. All that glitters is not gold. Here fair can disguise foul. A beautiful person can be morally corrupt and a noble soul might be housed in a broken body. Moreover any one of us can hide behind our outer form. Our intentions, emotions and inner state of being can all be disguised from those around us. I don't think this is the case in the higher worlds or when we do not have a physical body. There and then a pure soul has a beautiful appearance and a degraded one looks the part too. We cannot hide our true being, whether it is revealed by means of the aura, the lights that we show, or just in how we look. If we lie that cannot be hidden. When we love that is shown in our face and vice versa. There is no concealing.

But here, of course, that is not the case. So perhaps one of the reasons life in a physical world is necessary is so that we learn discrimination and discernment. We learn not to be deceived by appearance and so develop the ability to see more deeply, something not necessary elsewhere and so not developed. We can become more attuned to reality by having reality hidden from us. This obliges us to search and to look beyond and, in doing that, we sharpen our spiritual eyesight.

In the heavenly worlds the outside reflects the inside as a true representation of that. In this world the outside is one thing and the inside can be quite another. We have to learn proper judgment and the ability to see with our minds what is not obvious to our eyes.


Kirk Forlatt said...

This is a riveting insight, and I am grateful you posted it. I've been thinking deeply about reincarnation lately (which I tend to think of as a type of resurrection; I suspect "reincarnation" is a corrupted version of an ancient truth). Deep, analytical thinking is quite difficult for me, and I appreciate the approachable nature of what you've written here.

William Wildblood said...

Thanks Kirk. It's just a thought that occurred to me literally as I was walking down the road and looking at people passing by.