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Axis Mundi Post

Axis Mundi, the publisher of Meeting the Masters, kindly put a guest post of mine up on their blog. It was originally here.

but for good measure I've now added it to this site too.


I don’t know how many readers of this blog accept the idea of discarnate spiritual Masters as in human souls who have fully realised the truth behind all religions, and who now exist in worlds beyond this mortal plane whence they act as teachers to those who would follow in their footsteps. I have been fortunate enough to have had some slight acquaintance with these Masters, as described in the Axis Mundi book Meeting the Masters, and I’d like to share a little of that experience here.

The Masters first made outer contact with me when I was 22 - though I wasn’t aware of the significance of the meeting at the time. It took place in a metaphysical bookshop called Mercurius, which those who were exploring spirituality in London in the 1970s may remember. I had gone in there driven by the sort of general dissatisfaction with the world that frequently pushes a person onto the spiritual path, but had little idea how to go about seeking a remedy for my condition. There was so much on offer from Tibetan Buddhism to Western occultism via esoteric Christianity, Vedanta, channeling and so on that I felt more confused than enlightened.  Possibly sensing my indecision a man in his late fifties approached me and asked if he could recommend some books. I gratefully accepted, bought a couple and we then went off and had some lunch during which we discussed such recondite (to me) subjects as reincarnation, clairvoyance and spiritual enlightenment. One thing led to another and six months later Michael Lord and I were sharing a flat in the town of Bath where we pursued our mutual interest in spirituality and meditation.

It was during one of our meditation sessions that the Masters first appeared to me. There’s not enough space here to give details (though I do in the book) but they spoke to me through Michael and there could be no doubt concerning their status as liberated beings. They instructed me by that method regularly over the next 21 years, up until Michael’s death in fact, but they also communicated through impression, which can be defined as non-verbal communication on the level of the soul. Of course, that communication then needs to be brought down to mental levels to be made intelligible and, when it is, we are more than likely to put a personal slant on it. This is why it is so important to develop detachment and a relative freedom from conditioning if we would translate impressions we receive from a higher source (and all spiritual aspirants do) correctly. The Masters told me that their impressions to me were sometimes coloured by wishful thinking, and emphasised that a prerequisite for any kind of undistorted receptivity to the higher worlds is a willingness to let go of opinions and preconceptions, both personal and collective.

I wish I could give an accurate depiction of the Masters. It may be too much to say that contact with them renders all other forms of spiritual approach mundane but, until we have fully realised the source within ourselves, they are as close to the source as we can get.  I learnt so much from their teaching but their presence conveyed a divine grace that went far beyond words. It was superhuman but lacking nothing of humanity. Direct contact with them may be relatively rare but many more of us than might be thought are in touch with them on the inner planes during sleep, and the training we receive there at that time will be carried through to the physical level whether we are conscious of it or not. It will manifest as a heightened intuitive sensibility and a detachment from things of this world because we carry the knowledge of the higher worlds within us. What we have to do then is to integrate that knowledge into our everyday life.

The Masters who spoke to me did not name themselves, saying I should regard them not as individuals but as messengers from God. They practically always spoke of themselves in terms of a group but they were no less individual for that. It was just that their individuality had been subsumed into a higher oneness and that oneness was, to them, the only reality.

What puzzled me at one time was that, if the Masters could speak to people through mediums, as they did to me through Michael, why didn’t they do this more often? They did tell me that most mediums would not be able to support their presence, and I know it left Michael in a highly sensitive (though spiritually uplifted) state. But then I realised this was not the true reason. For their purpose is not simply to convey the knowledge of spiritual things to us but to bring us up to their level in consciousness. That is why most contact and communication with them must take place on higher levels and is not necessarily registered by the lower mind which is the one we normally live in. In essence, they don't come down to us because, if we are to become as they are, we must go up to where they are. That's the only way. But how many of us are really prepared to do this? We will happily dally in the outer courtyards of spirituality and enjoy the scenery but how many of us are willing to enter into the inner temple, bearing in mind that to do so we must take off and throw away all our worldly garments? The Masters are always there, waiting for us, but we must take the first steps towards them and we must choose the right path which is the one that leads into the thin air of the mountaintops. 


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